the accident


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Mar 15, 2004
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i sat in bed lying awake
all i was hearing was screeching breaks
why'd they take your life away
why couldn't it be me the lord would take

i heard about it the night before
but i kept hoping you'd come to my door
why'd it happen? just what for?
i can't say im sorry anymore

i'd do anything to get you back
really, anything if i had the chance
everything was being said so fast
my friend told me what had just happened
an accident, two lives were lost in last night
i heard your name and said stop at that

the fog was just to dense last night
you couldn't see the semi on your right
his headlights must not have been to bright
god i wish you still had your life

"a brother and sister were killed yesterday, 15 & 16, still on their way, just going in to town to laugh and play, how were they to know it'd be their last day, at bed tonight please say their names, just say them in a simple pray, both were young and gentle and well liked, but now we must bury them but they'll find the light"

this is the poem i wrote this morning about a car accident i heard about that my best friend supposedly died in with his little sister, luckily it was somebodys idea of a joke, whoever started it though sure has a sick idea of a joke