TGIX - Friday Night MiXshow

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Feb 12, 2005
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Tonight on TGIX.... I will have music IN DEE MIX by Amber Rose, Caleb B, Caramelo, Carlos, Christina Marie, Cynthia, Daize, Destiny, Felix, Freddy Lopez, George Patino, Johnny O, Kenny Freestyle, Mari P, Mary Luz, Nocera, Pure Trend, Rene, Stevie B, Susan Santiago, Tina B and many, many more....

You can also listen to the show via, ITunes and again, If you want to view the show you can go to and now My X Space via the bulletin that I will post up during the show.

Again, the show starts at 7pm on the CST, 8pm on the EST and 5pm in the far far Wild West.

So spread the word and show some love cause it's TGIX - Friday Night MiXshow!!
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