Tgif....the Poem


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Dec 10, 2004
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No it's not Monday, so my mood aint all down.
Thinking about how many days are left before I can clown.
Wild out and get down with my team in my town.
But 'whatever' is the case. When Monday's around.
No it's not Tuesday, no grass, not so fast, cause TNT is creepin.
And they all up my ass.
No humpin on humpday but on Wedsnesdays I'm cool. I mean I wish I was humpin like I did back at school.
Thursdays are vibrant, and the moods all good. TNT still be lurkin, but theres tree's in the hood. Theres clubs wit no hoods. No thugs where we stood.
Just getting our grooves on, and get my groove on I could.
No it's not Saturday or Sunday, no laundry no mess. If the house ain't get cleaned then we ain't having no guest, oh wait I live alone, but my doorbell's on mute. Can't let nobody see how my home, ain't really that cute.
But let me tell you the day we all be screamin about. The day we all sing, "It's Payday" we shout. It's the day we all party from the club to the couch.
It's that day we thank God for, it's Friday...we out!

Have a good weekend, and post here every Friday!!