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Jul 18, 2009
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On Cult of Static you have a sound made from combining two genres. You have industrial/techno
(think Ministry, harder NIN, etc.) and metal. I might even go one step further and say that they
try to blend in some nu-metal (Korn, et. al.) sound. The issue is that they do NONE of it well.
Industrial itself is a cross between techno and metal that makes you want to dance and mosh
at the same time. On Cult of Static, they do just enough industrial-like keyboards and samples
on here to make it sound like background filler. Metal is great for getting you pumped and making
you want to smash shit. This makes you want to read Walden. Nu-metal is like industrial but instead
of techno and metal combined, it’s rap and metal combined. It’s good for making your ass move before
you punch the guy next to you. This makes you want to punch your speakers instead.

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