she rides a white horse


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Aug 27, 2001
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across the field of battle she a silk dress of white.. no armor with a white banner.....seeming harmless..not a combatant...the first gaurd stops her and ask her intentions..she seeks to have word with me..nothing her smile no one can question ..he says "right this way my lady..i will take you to him"...right into the fortress of my heart without escort without scrutiny...the gate comes down...i am made aware of this lady on a white horse.. so i go down to see..curious.."welcome i say".."where are you from what is your buisness with me"? .. she smirks and says 'you know of me allready..ive been the madien in the garden of your dreams..." I am taken off does she know of my visions? while i slumber? but try my best not to show it on my face in my my presence is "the queen of hearts"....but i stand ..firm.. not letting her know ...that I know.. i have seen her in visions dreams of a wonderful garden where ive held her hand and walked ... I recognize her.clearly as if I had known her for decades...i realize this is not a simple inquiry or visit but a conquest..she wants to conquer..and her intentions are hidden but familiar.."and what does thou come here for today"? " to rule" she says confidently ...'to rule?" I ask.."this kingdom allready has a ruler.I am he"..she replys may feel that but destiny says otherwise..I did not come here on a journey of a thousand days and moons for nothing..the angels of destiny have driven my horse to you..he is tired and needs to have water.. but he has done what was intented .. my loyal stallion"....."what a fine beast" I say "he will be cared for but what of this misssion you claim'?.. I know nothing of you and yet you stand here with bold kingdom is fine." she says "no my lord youre kingdom is empty.though you convince yourself otherwise.. that you cannot rule alone..i have seen you in my visions.when no one else is around crying yourself to sleep ...loneliness is a vicious adversary... a campaign against your soul .. with many arrows driven into you..i will shield you .. the swords will touch you no more. i will defeat that army with my love for you..." "love of me"?? 'I ask .."you dont know me how can you love me?" I look at her eyes and realize she knows me better then I know myself.. how is that"??? she smiles and says the horses name is "fate" and 'fate" was born for one thing .. to bring me to you...riding hard and fast across the land"..I then order the gaurds and my raise white banners..I kingdom is hers