Nyasia Release Party 3/19-Laura Enea,G. Anthony,HeartBrake,W. Valentin,Wendy,P. Pleaz


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Sep 7, 2008
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The Coastline, 106.1 FM (Philly) & Tazmania Records brings you Nyasia's Album Release Party, Friday, March 19, 2010.

We had to do something special for performances & take ya way
back,lol, so we got the incredible talents of Laura Enea, George
Anthony & Heartbrake
who haven't performed in years !!!

Also, crazy hot performances by Willie Valentin, Pure Pleazure & Wendy who have duets with Nyasia.
Top it off with another throwback artist to host: Sam Savon!!!

We are awaiting confirmation on special guest appearances coming by to
show love & support like Artistik, Jade Sterling of Pretty Poison, Edwin Ramos and Tazmania; even Lil Suzy said she might stop by during her interview & many more to come...
And finally, we celebrating the BIRTHDAY of DJ Paradise ;)
More info on this event will be coming soon...

The Coastline
1240 Brace Road
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034-3276
(856) 795-1773

Click below for flyer.......


The day after on Sat, 3/20, Nyasia will be joining many Freestyle greats as she performs at Freestyle Forever 4 @ The Lehman Center.

With all the ups & downs, Nyasia's final album will be released by
Tazmania Records in February with production/writing/vocal talent by:
Safire, Kenny Diaz, Pompeo Messano, Wendy, Heartbrake, Mike Ferullo,
Anthony Ponzio, Rob Federici, Janelle, Edwim Ramos, Pure Pleazure, Nu
Image, Ayna, Vanessa Conde, Julio Mena, Carlos Berrios, Ron Esco,
Benjamin Ferrer & others...

The album has many brand new tracks, 2 duets, 2 remixes of her
classic's, some edits & an unbelievable classic throwback from

Genres include Dance, Freestyle, Pop and R&B...

This album is Nyasia. Its personal and its for her FANS...

Stay tuned for more info and thank you for your time,
DJ Paradise