Nyasia New Track "Betray"-Safire, K.Diaz, P. Messano, E. Ramos, V. Conde, HeartBrake


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Sep 7, 2008
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Nyasia New Track "Betray"-Safire, K.Diaz, P. Messano, E. Ramos, V. Conde, HeartBrake

Hello everyone, hope all is well.

I am just poppin in to the forums to let those who are interested, that one of Nyasia's new tracks is available for download. It is available ONLY at this website at this time until iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and all the others, start distributing the song in a few weeks.

The song is called "Betray" and it is available with 5 different mixes of Freestyle, Goth, Dance, Trance and a Synthapella. The talent involved is incredible and we thank each and every contributor of this track.

Talent involved:
Produced by Pompeo Messano.
Written by Wilma Cosme aka Safire, Kenny Diaz & Pompeo Messano.
Vocals by Nyasia.
Backround Vocals by Vanessa Conde, Edwin Ramos & Lori Thillet aka HeartBrake.
Vocals recorded by Edwin Ramos.

Here is the link for the download and we truly hope you enjoy the song....

Here is the Photo:

Also, we knowwwwww we have been dragging this album for years now, but I am very excited and happy to say, that the album was picked up and will be coming out with a many surprises.

It is unfortunate that it will not be on her former label but on another very familiar label BUT, we have no problems not drama from this,lol....So, we will keep you updated and sure appreciate your support.

Thank you to all of the fans who continue to email and message us via MySpace and Facebook.We absolutely love reading them.

Take care,
Martin "DJ Paradise" Santiago & Nyasia

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