Now's the Time for some new music

Feb 25, 2008
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The new release by Chris “The Greek” Panaghi entitled “Now’s The Time” could not have come at a more perfect moment! From the first track “The Time” its pulsating beat moves you into a mesmerizing musical journey.

As the first track elevates you it blends into the soulful beats of “My Life” which features vocalist Amber Dirks. Following in transition is house diva Leslie Carter on the tracks “Movin’ On” and “The Feeling”. Also included on the CD is a classic rock song that comes alive in a slamming house mix. The track is called “Rockin’ In The Free World” originally by Neil Young. Along with that cut is the fast paced “Time Will Never (Fade Me Away)” with the deep captivating vocals of Kecia Liguori.

All in all this album contains 16 different tracks that flow into each other with perfect ease. These top of the line house tracks only exemplify the evident perfectionist format Chris “The Greek” strives for. This long awaited full-length release is due to please any dance music fan. If you need a jumpstart in your musical catalog this one will leave you feeling electrified. The release date is slated for April 29th so keep your ears and eyes open!