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Dj Coast

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Apr 14, 2008
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Cape May, NJ
Hi everyone, just joined this site a few weeks ago. I am a dj (vinyle only), I have been spinning for 10 years , and listening to club for over 20 years and freestlye is where my heart is, its where my roots begin as a youth growing up in Philly and I plan to keep it alive thru my turntables. I am in the Coast Guard here in Cape May, NJ, but I am getting transferred to Alaska this summer. I plan to bring freestlye there and maybe I will get a few open ears. During the long winter months I will be making long winter freestyle mix cd's and sending them to friends back here in the lower 48. I must say its kinda sad in a way how few people know about freestlye. I really started to notice when I joined the military meeting people from all over the country, 90% of the people I know never heard of it and do not know what it is, or what its about. thats cool though, it just makes it mroe special for those of who know.

I just recently went to the Freestyle concert in Trenton, 13 artist were there and it was a walk down memory lane. It felt good to know there are still so many people out there keeping it alive. Thats why I joined this site, to help keep it alive...