New K7 Album!!!!

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Dec 30, 2000
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New K7 Album!!!!
If your a fan of K7, whether as a member of TKA or a solo artist there is a brand new album produced by the King P Version "k7-The King's Agenda". You can get it at
While your at it visit itunes to get "Swing Batta Swing" or you can pick up the Carlos Berrios single featuring K7 & Ty Bless on\cd\CarlosBerrios4
Upon talking to K7 as a friend I was angry, he didn't tell me about the latest album since the death of Kayel. I had to hear about it from a second hand source. He tells me that there is a bunch more stuff coming from him this year- some dance, some Hip-Hop and he's producing some rock n roll. K7 can be found on Twitter as well as Judy Torres.



The King's Agenda

© 2009 P. Version Music LLC (884502059434)

MP3 price: $9.99

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Catchy Reggae and Urban/R&B vibe, with an upbeat New York feel to it.


1 Sway2 Drink A Lil Mo3 High On Your Love4 Far Away5 Make That Money6 Killa7 Te Quiero8 Shutdown9 Found Another Lover10 U Know That I11 Brujeria12 When I die13 Vamonos

Spanish Harlem N.Y. native K7 had his first solo success in the mid-'90s with his fusion of rap, dancehall and dance. The Gold album titled Swing Batta Swing spawned 3 huge international hits, the multi-million seller "Come Baby Come", "Move it like this" and "Zunga Zeng".
"My music as K7 is what most guys do in clubs all over the world: cat call girls and dance. I just put it out on some what of a hip-hop level. It's party music", says K7.
He's had songs featured on movie soundtracks and television shows like "The Mask", "I Like It Like That", "Mr. 3000", MTV's "The Real World", "New York Undercover", Gatorade Commercials, and many VH1 Specials. K7 has also performed on MTV's "The Grind", Showtime at The Apollo, Arsenio Hall, and shared the stage with R. Kelly, Salt & Pepper, Robbie Williams, and Naughty By Nature. K7 has a long career on New York radio as well as working at HOT 97 & 103.5 KTU for 11 years. Whether as K7 or TKA he continues to perform and record his unique style of music today.