NEW: 100% Freestyle Volume 4


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Aug 25, 2001
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Title: 100% Freestyle Volume 4
Artist: Various Artists
Label: Miami Bass Records/Distel Media Group/Sony Music Germany
Release Date: 11/10/2003

Based on the track lisiting, probably the best out of the 4 in the series. Includes 5 tracks from Odeon Records including three from "The Return of Planet Freestyle".

01.MC. G. Gabriel - Depense On You
02.Thiago Derucio - Next To You
03.Stevie B. - If You Leave Me Now (Remix)
04.DJ CSI feat. Allison - Won't Say Goodbye
05.Emanuel - You're My Angel
06.Christine Turner - Lost In Love 2003
07.The Officer - Partyzone
08.M-Tracker - Shining Star
09.Freestyle Project - I'm Your Dance Instructor
10.E-Slide - Electric Boogie
11.Smash - 2 Lovers
12.Elios - True Love
13.Real-X - Luv U
14.Lana - Don't Ever Leave Me
15.Hiram D. - Make You Mine
16.BVSMP vs. Incarnation - I Need You 2003
17.Mirsada - Everytime I Think Of You
18.The Unit - Bring Your Body To The Floor
19.Kenny K. – Rain