my life


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Mar 15, 2004
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that which does kill me can only make me stronger
i try to believe this, but my days just keep getting longer
thinking of the future, of my future days as a father
thinking of the future, me as a father? why do i bother?
i got a long time before my responsibility can carry me
a long time before i'll be what i'm meant to be
i believe in fate, the god above us, and that he loves us
but if my beliefs are right, why can't he come and try to help us?
i feel insecure about my time here as a person
living life without a reason, there's to many lessons that i'm learning
when i'm in trouble, my "friends" faces will be turning
i feel like no one knows this pain, in my heart, that's always burning
i need someone to help me, someone to see
to help me through rough times, and numb the misery
i want someone to be there, to be with me
someone to be there by my side, whenever need be
but it's like it's me against the world, and i'm losing this fight
i sit up at night, trying to fix it, and finally make my life right
it's like the sun shines bright until i step out that door
because when i'm trying to see the sun, it won't be shining no more