::: My Guardian Angel :::


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Aug 4, 2004
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Chicago IL, San Antonio, Tx
For So Long I Found Myself Trapped In A World Of Saddness
Letting Tears Stream Down My Face On A Daily Basis
Everywhere I Turned I Saw Reflections Of Myself
Being Abuses By Words That Brought Me Down To My Knees

My Eyes Became Friends With The Darkness
And There Were Times I Even Talked To Myself In My Head
I Had No Control Of What Was Happening To Me
I Guess Everything Was Falling In It's Place

But You Came Into My Life When I Was Ready To Give Up
When Things Just Didn't Seem Right Anymore
Not Only Did You Become A Person But My Guardian Angel
My Angel That Was Not Ready To See Me Go

If Only You Knew What My Dreams Are Like
My Dreams Of You Seem So Real
Now That I Have You In My Arms I Wont Let You Go
I Love You And That's What I Truly Feel

Everytime I See You I Tend To Lose Control
I Raise My Head Up... Wink My Eye At You And Tell You How I Feel
As You Caress Me With Your Warm Loving Arms
Wispering Things I Want To Hear

Noloner Will Darkness Fill My Blue Skies
Cuz I Finally Found My Ray Of Sunlight
I Can't Imagine What I'd Do Without You
All I Want To Do Is Tell You I Love You And Hold You Tight...