LOST (copywritten 2005)


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Nov 11, 2002
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I live in bridgeport and grew up in da hood, but m
Another day begins and your not here with me
my life filled with darkness, my soul trapped in misery

I felt it deep inside, as my heart it broke in two
now how am I supposed to carry on if it can't be with you

I don't wanna see the daylight, as the heartache within consumes me so slow
all I ask is why did you leave me here all alone, and why did you have to go

Left here with questions that linger painfully within my mind
I thought with you finally I found love, but once again I guess I was blind

You had my heart, right from the start
please return to my life, without you it feels as if i'm falling apart

I'm lost and lonely, I don't know what else to do
for there is no way in this lifetime i'll ever find another you.... :sosad