Lil Man


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Jul 15, 2005
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Dedicated to my nephew/god son Niko

Just when I was about to give up the good fight,
God finally brought you into my sight.
This little heavenly angel from up above,
Asking nothing from us except for love.
It was indescribably amazing to fall in love with someone I just met,
The feelings were so intense and overwhelming I will never forget.
As I been watching you grow into the little man you are now and wondering what kind of man you will grow to be,
I want you to know you can always count on pure unconditional love from your ti-ti.
When im having a bad day all I gottta do is open my wallet and look at your face,
Suddenly everythings put into perspective and back into place.
You have inspired me to keep moving on no matter what comes my way,
You are the sunshine to the rain for me each and every day
When I feel like giving up and don’t wanna fight no more,
I think of you and how much you are worth fighting for.
And these words I hope to share with you when you can understand,
How much I love this little boy who will before we know it become a man.