If you are attending the Freestyle Aid Benefit for Krystal Please Read This


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Jul 31, 2005
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Miami to NYC and back again.....
Howdy all.....first off let me say I am so happy to see everyone come together like this......you guys have all been great in showing love to a newcomer and it really feels like a family up in here.....Krystal is sooo lucky to have all of you....

Okay, In honor of Krystal, I have decided to do a School Supply Fund Drive at St. John's University through my CPS Honor Society. We had a meeting yesterday and being that we are a club focused on education, I decided this would be a great way to show support to the children that have been affected by Hurricane Katrina. After we are done collecting all that we can, we will be sending the items down south.

I am asking that if it is not too much trouble please take a look at the attached flyer and pick an item or two off the list to bring with you to donate. I will be at the Diamante Show this Saturday as well as the Benefit Fund on Oct. 7th to collect these items from you guys. If you'd like, you can also attach a small note to be sent to a child with warm wishes.

Much thanks in advance!!!!

Please note: when clicking on the attached file and prompted for a username and password, please disregard and click cancel. The document will then open for viewing. Just in case you run into a problem viewing the document, please email me @ imfromqueenz@aol.com and I will send it to you.