Harv's webcast update-August, 2008

Harv Roman

Radio Personality : WCEV 1450 AM Chicago
Feb 1, 2001
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Chicago, Illinois
Just in case you haven’t been to wakeupdancing.com lately…

Right now on wakeupdancing.com, you can find the most recent music and interview radio shows featuring Harv Roman and your favorites:

A full length program featuring Chicago’s Johnny Lira and Harv Roman from 1993, 2007 and 2008 with words from Nina Lira…

A variety of interviews featuring comedian actor George Lopez and Harv Roman-before and after G.Lo became America’s Mexican…

A special Father’s Day revealing conversation with freestyle diva Arlene…

A very special tribute to Freestyle Princess Cynthia and the 20th Anniversary of her 20th Birthday…

An all new interview with Johnny O.

The top five downloads on wakeupdancing.com are:

Legacy “Behind the Walls” interview from October, 2007 (6418 hits)
History of House Music special from August, 2007 (3141)
Interview with Betty Dee of Sweet Sensation, August, 2007 (2346)
Latino Fashion Week Special from October, 2007 (2342)
Johnny Lira and the Club Kids (2049)

In case you missed out, you can still check out:

Chicago recording artist Blanca Maria from March, 2008
All new Brenda K. Starr interview, February, 2008
Tribute to Chicago DJ/Producer Tony “Boom Boom” Badea, January, 2008
Alex Ortiz and the Club Kids, March, 2007
Flashbacks featuring Mandy Moore (2000) and George Lamond (2002) with the Club Kids.

All you’ve got to do is click, listen and perhaps drop a comment, or suggestion.

Forever in words and music,

Harv Roman