from the blog of SAFIRE: LISTEN TO "EXOTIQUE" NOW!

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Dec 30, 2000
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from the blog of SAFIRE: LISTEN TO "EXOTIQUE" NOW!
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Hello my fabulous fellow Myspacers, I hope that you are all doing great and that you have been enjoying the beautiful weather we have had. First and foremost I would like to thank everyone for all their patience, to all those who have hung tight thank you so much we truly appreciate it. As many of you know Safire is a perfectionist to every extent of the word so she will take her time in creating something Great because anythign less simply will not due. We have added 2 snippets of 2 different mixes of Exotique we hope you guys will enjoy it as the single will be released shortly due out next month so again please bare with us and stay tuned to the page because everything happens here first any and all legitimate news is made public here on her Myspace page created for her fans anything else is second hand. Endless thank you's for all your patience and lets not forget Safire is not only an artist she is also a wife and Mother and she takes all aspects of her life very seriously so in no means is she slacking, she is putting in over time making sure everything is done as only any true professional does things the only way Safire does things. So my beautiful people thank you as always for all your love and respect for your patience and for your dedication it is truly appreciated. check out the calendar for all upcoming shows Safire might in a town near you. Much love to you all. Stay Blessed.

Click her myspace page to listen to a couple of samples!!!