Freestyle TV going online and new Freestyle pics!

Dec 31, 2008
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I live in Jackson Heights, Queens in NYC and I hav
Hello Freestylers! Once again it’s your boy: Swins Fontenelle from Freestyle Universe at and from Sidetracks “Home of Freestyle Fridays” in Sunnyside, Queens, reaching out to all of you with some wonderful freestyle news and another picture-share. On Thursday, February 18th I once again brought Freestyle Universe to the Time Warner Cable television program: “The Aurelia Show” with freestyle recording artist: Christine Turner who performed despite being in an automobile accident only hours prior to going on air! At the end of the show I spoke with Aurelia about the fact that many of you haven’t been able to view any of the episodes and I am not happy to report that plans are in motion to put them all online as well as future airings as well. Speaking of future airings; I got the show to agree to do the entire next program as an all Freestyle production and I am gathering the producers, promoters and artists for this historical broadcast!! The following evening was my huge 40th birthday Freestyle celebration at Sidetracks where are community really united and showed me so much love! It was an all-girl show with legend: Lisette Melendez, fan-favorite: Jaidie, the talented: Andrea Martin and the hot & dynamic up and coming: Jessica Marin!! If you’d like to view the pictures taken that evening please click this link to my online photo albums: In closing I’d like to tell all of you that my phone has been ringing off the hook with all sorts of news about some really great new freestyle projects and all sorts of upcoming shows, so we all have a lot to look forward too and I hope that all of you that are on facebook will come and be a part of Freestyle Universe! Ciao for now everyone!