Freestyle File Radio Show-- Saturday 6/27 @ 7:45- w/ DJ Paradise & Nyasia LIVE


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Sep 7, 2008
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We are not new by any means,lol, so passing by to say hello and (although, dont know if this is in the right section), please check out our radio show (running for the past 6 years now) with DJ Paradise and Nyasia.
Hello to all our fans and friends,,,

It is time once again for The Freestyle File Radio Mix show, with "DJ Paradise" doing it LIVE & direct from Florida.
...and as always, Freestyle Artist, "Nyasia" will be hosting and chatting.

This show will be via a LIVE VIDEO/AUDIO FEED, so come and watch, as well as listen...
The music is Old School Freestyle, Club, Electro House and of course, I play EDIT MIXES with Request on Demand...
So, sit back, grab a drink & reminisce to a time when Freestyle was KING...

Check out the show, Saturday, 6/27/09 at 7:45 pm till ? @ www.LiveVideo.Com/Freestyle-File-Radio
That is the link to get you to the audio & video feed where you will watch DJ Paradise spin live,
see Freestyle Artist "Nyasia" and watch videos of your favorite Freestyle Artist ...
You don't need to sign up to watch & listen, but if you want to chat with us and have some fun,
you need to sign in-just 3 simple lines to register. That's all !!!

This weeks live interview is with Mike Ferullo from Tazmania Records and in studio guest, Jose from Pure Pleazure.
We will touch on the beginning, rise & success of Tazmania aswell as the disappearance .
On July 4th, "Overloaded" is released with new music by:
Samantha Gervasio, Wendy, Stephanie Bennett, Jonelle, Pure Pleazure and many more.
All info on Tazmania can be found at
The list keeps growing. So far, we have Interviewed:
Arlene, Joey Kidd, & More, Coro, Miguel Reyes, Joei Mae, Tonasia, Geminis/C-Bank, Johnny O., Vanessa Conde,
Evelyn Escalera, Company B., Angel (TKA), Carlos Berrios & Safire
***awaiting confirmation dates from:
CNR of Trilogy, Abby Lynn, Maribel, Fascination, Body & Style, Pure Pleazure, Giggles, Pain
Upcoming Shows & Artist Interviews:

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Thanks for the support..
Martin "D.J. Paradise" Santiago & Nyasia