Freestyle Benefit Show @ Sidetracks in Sunnyside, Queens

Dec 31, 2008
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I live in Jackson Heights, Queens in NYC and I hav
Hello and Happy New Year to all my freestyle people everywhere. I am Swins Fontenelle of Freestyle Universe on and of Honor Roll Freestyle Fridays at Sidetracks in Sunnyside, Queens on Friday, January 8th 2010. Honor Roll Freestyle Fridays (Big Al, Legit and me) will be hosting a Freestyle Benefit show for North Carolina freestyle fan: David Owens who passed away on December 23rd after falling and injuring his head. Despite not having lots of money; David Owens would travel all the way from North Carolina to attend as many Freestyle events as he could in New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia. This gentle and kind soul supported and believed in both the new and old school Freestyle artists, labels, promoters and venues. I had the privilege to call this man a friend and yet I was unaware that he was the sole provider for his mother and elderly grandmother. Our January 8th show’s lineup will include freestyle artists: Wendy, Christine Turner, Pure Pleazure, Joe Zangie, Stefanie Bennett, Artie & Legit, Latin Nation and Angie. Wendy Scanlan in particular really went above and beyond in the midst of this horrible tragedy. She was there at David’s bedside in the hospital, kept in constant contact with his doctors and with David’s mother, who was stuck in North Carolina for a number of days before she could make it to Philadelphia to be there as his life slipped away. I encourage the entire freestyle community that can make it to the New York City area to come and be a part of this event and remember that half of the proceeds will be going to Mr. Owens family. You can view the flyer for this event via this link to my online photo albums: Pictures of David Owens can also be viewed there as well. Keep on keepin’ it Freestyle!! Ciao