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Jan 24, 2007
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If This is Your First Time Reading or Hearing About me, Then YOU'VE MISSED A LOT, so GET CAUGHT UP musicwise!

My latest Project, Which Just Started THIS WEEK!
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What I'm about to hit you with today will be MASSIVE!!!
hitting you with all your hott new freestyle dance, house, and latin booty bass hits! LIVE IN THE MIXX! hott remixes, hott exclusives, & more! (If radio where to modernize, but keep the same style from the 80's and 90's and combine it with today's sound, this is what it would sound like...)
Dj KDM * Club KDM Experience (7000E) Vol. 1 * (02/26/2008)
1. Hoje eu te pego - Paula B.
2. Get up - Ciara
3. Lost in love Dj Dadgel f/ Melani
4. This is the last time - Joe Zangie
5. We be burnin' (Richie Rich mix) - Sean Paul
6. Whine up Anthem - Kat DeLuna
7. I can't change your mind - Lisette Melendez, Cynthia
8. Like a boy (Nasty Bass Mix) - Ciara
9. Magic Carpet Ride (Young Punx 2007 rmx) - Mighty Dub Kats
10. Let it bump (hydroz mix) - Missy Elliot
11. I caught you - Natalise
12. Search within - Mari P.
13. Low (funkymix) - Flo-Rida
14. Behind these hazel eyes (freestyle mix) - Kelly Clarkson
15. Gimmie more (Touvan remix) - Britney Spears
16. Only you - Atrocite
17. The bomb - Luke Francis
18. Sweetest days - Sharyn Maceren
19. My mothers eyes - Stevie B.
20. Playin' my love (freestyle mix) - Rockell
21. Sopa de caracol 2003 - Artie the 1 man party
22. Baila Goza - El Presidente
23. I like Pupasas - Dj Cubanito
24. Supervillian (Nasty mix) - Nicole S.
25. Promiscuous (Richie Rich mix) - Nelly Furtado

Vol. 1 and 2 are NOW AVAILABLE for listening on my page - LISTEN! (Vol. 1 Available for download NOW! Check Blog For More Details.)
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Tell ALL your friends to get hooked up with the hottest in dance/club hitz; breaks, freestyle, house, trance, booty bass, and even hitting you with that UK sound that I so much love - 2Step Garage! AND Add me at my International Dance Music profile - NOW!
PROJECT FREESTYLE! (A project I introduced last year, Jan & Feb 2007) Just incase you also missed, here's the details and info on how to get hooked up:
~ Over 245 minutes of NONSTOP MIXES ~ and it's all yours NOW!
Let me explain what all this is about for those of you that are new to this and don't know what this is about:
It started Jan-February 2007, when I decided to do a freestyle mix compilation to show my love and appreciation to all that love and support freestyle.
I introduced:
Project Freestyle! vol. 1, The Dedication
Shortly after, I followed up with three more mixes, releasing them individually, over a period of time;
Project Freestyle! vol 2, The Dedication
Project Freestyle! vol 3, Back with the Bay
Project Freestyle! vol 4, The Passion
Now, many of you know about this and may already have these mixes (and more) bumpin' in your home or ride, but since then, there have also been many of you I just met or added who may have missed out, or maybe even some that have missed out on some mixes, but it's all good because now I'm re-introducing this project for ALL of you, with something I'll call
Here's all the info:
PROJECT FREESTYLE 1 (The Dedication)
-dedication mix to all freestyle lovers..
these are the tracks:
dreamboy/dreamgirl - Rockell f/ Collage
love goes on (original edit) - Natalise
release me (miami mix) - Angelina
carry on - Alexis
turn the lights down low - Christina Marie
until tomorrow (extended original) - Adriana
memories (carlos berrios freestyle mix) - Jacqui Cenci
search within - Mari P.
just let go (exclusive!) - Alexis
can't get you out of my mind (extended freestyle mix) - Lil Suzy
save your love for me - Cynthia
I Maceren
in a dream (carnival club mix) - Jossette
you'll see - Lori Bella
bounce up and down (rmx pt. 2) - KDM7000
sweet honesty - M:G
why do you treat me badly - Brissa
wanna be your lover (original edit) - Kenny
shake it to the rhythm - Nyasia
shake it up - Caleb-b
forever more - Malyssa
someone to love me (rave mix) - La Rissa
a little bit of ecstacy (original edit) - Jocelyn Enriquez
PROJECT FREESTYLE 2, (The Dedication)
- the dedication part 2
These Are The Tracks:
If you leave me now - Stevie B. f/ Alexia
My Love - Isabel
What do you remember (Kernel G's Delightful Recipe) - M:G
In my dreams - Christina Marie
Do you miss me (running mix) - Jocelyn Enriquez
I can't handle it - Underdog Project
The Truth - Mari P
Memories - Lil Suzy
Take the time - Alexis
My love - Dj Dadgel
One and one - Sharyn Maceren
Love's hold (exrended cibola mix) - Crush
You killed my heart (remix) - Steelo
My boo (wicked mix) - Ghosttown Dj's
Stand Up (remix) - Epic Voices
Always here - Mandy C
I do both Jay & Jane (kdm extended rave club mix) - La Rissa
I want your love - KromOzone Project
I want you now - Brad Machado
If I had the chance (timber! mix) - Cynthia
Running out of reasons - S.F. Spanish Fly
Day dreaming - Alvendia
I can't live without you - Tribe
- the electrofreestyle project, reppin 4 that BAY AREA sound of freestyle!
These Are The Tracks:
fantasy - acid factor
until tomorrow (manny junno mix) - adriana
i wont cry for you (michelle's mix) - Michelle Diaz
sweet promises - alexis
set u free (remix) - planet & soul
always dreamin' (hyperspace mix) - sharyn maceren
the way you move - syreeta
you are the one (exclusive) - alexis
freak in you (extended remix) - kenny
dance with me tonight - roel
release me (album version) - angelina
we were meant to be - synthia figueroa
someone to love me (rave mix) - la rissa
music is my life (extended cibola mix) - planet soul f/ jay cee
just because - lina santiago
can't get you out of my mind (extended viper mix) - lil suzy
candy coated luv (original edit) - a-jay
a little bit of ecstacy (freefloor mix) - jocelyn enriquez
shake (bass radio mix) - pump n da knox
shake it (original edit) - New York City Dj's
- the love continues (just released)
These Are The Tracks:
I'll always love you - Collage
Dreaming - Alvendia
Freestyle 4 life - Freestyle AllStars
You're not ready - Sharyn Maceren
my mother's eyes - Stevie B.
Runaway with me - Rockell
Look into my eyes - Daisey
Goodbye (dj strider mix) - Rosalinda
Open up your eyes - Brissa
I wanna hold you tight (Linus Mix) - Natalise
Turning away (remix) - Christina Marie
Till the end of time - Serrani
Search Within - Mari P.
When I see you - Sabrina
Never leave your side (remix) - One Voice
Summer Jam (2-step radio edit) - Underdog Project
Take you home (remix) - Steelo
Be my lover - Jesika
Run Away (Free Style Mix) - Mario Piu f/ More
Object of my desire - Dana Rayne
We can't go on - Angelina
Someone to love me (Hollywood mix) - La Rissa
Loving you from a distance - Jenae
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2007 Was the year when I brought Club KDM Live to Dance Party Radio FRIDAY NIGHT's and Project Mixes Saturday nights. Club KDM live: blazin today's hottest music and all your favorite party jamz, exclusive remixes - booty bass, freestyle, house, and all your favorite club hits. Project Mixes: All your hottest and exclusive freestyle flava with mainly hott new releases and some old school, also featuring nu school breakz, latin bass & freestyle, and 2step/Garage. The All Mix Weekend, Christmas Holiday Mix, Blazin Nonstop freestyle dance and all your hott exclusives...
THIS IS WHAT YOU MISSED on Stevie B's Dance Party Radio in 2007 with Dj KDM Live in The Mixx ( Get Ready for more this year, on Craze Radio ( or listen on my International Dance Music page

THIS CONCLUDES THE CLIFFNOTES VERSION OF WHAT YOU'VE MISSED But it's not over, we've just Barely Started 2008................ think about it..