Distant Love(copywritten 2002) 4 anyone in a long distance relationship


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Nov 11, 2002
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I live in bridgeport and grew up in da hood, but m
Your close 2 my heart though your miles away
your always on my mind each and every day....

I pray 2 my lord in heaven that here is where you'll stay
in my life 4 always and never go away....

I want u 2 know that when your lost and feel alone
all u have 2 do is pick up the phone....

Dial my number and I'll be there
believe in me 4 I do care....

Because u were there when I felt pain so deep
now I want 2 give u my heart and if u take that chance
it's yours 2 keep....

Nobody knows what life has 2 offer or how far things will go
but if u have faith in us together we'll grow...

Because I know what I feel 4 u is unmistakable
and what we share over time will become unbreakable....

As long as love is what we see
then they'll always be u and me....;)