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Mar 15, 2004
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not really a poem....... was just thinking about my girl and how i miss her
first time i've really been in love......
feels absolutely amazing

there's not enough flowers to buy for you, enough moments to spend with you, enough kisses to share with you, or enough words to describe you. you're perfect through my eyes. there's only one word I know of that is close to strong enough to describe the feeling of being with you, and only one word to describe the feeling inside of me everytime I look at you.
And it's love.

the best parts of my day are the few seconds I can see you just walk past me in the hall, the two minute conversation we have before I hug you goodbye for the day, and the two hour phone calls we share almost everynight. I've only known you for a few months, but it feels like a lifetime. It's amazing, it's more than amazing
It's love.

everytime I kiss you it takes my breath away, everytime I get to hold you in my arms I just want to never let go, and everytime we look in each others eyes I feel something to strong for words, and I hope you feel it to. It's a feeling way better than happiness, a feeling that's impossible to replace, and it's a feeling to strong for any number of words to ever begin to grasp the meaning of.
It's love.

Even in the darkest hours of the darkest nights, when we're together with the lights out, and I look at you, and I can't see you at all but can feel your presence, and still some how see your beauty when I can't see you at all, and our hands find each others without any trouble, along with our lips as we share a kiss in the beautiful silence. Everytime I kiss you I want you to remember one thing, and only this one thing.
That I love you.