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Jan 25, 2006
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[Got this in an Email from BYLLI CRAYONE Mailing List]

Dear Friends & Fans,

I was emailed earlier today and was asked if I read the post on the Message Boards...I was like "WHY?". WHY?!! Because they are about YOU he says. HUH?? Imagine my surprise. Well, sure enough, has me listed and theirs even a Forum all about me. I'd like to invite you guys to check me out and join in the fun if you want.

Here's the LINK:

Well, In case you didnt already know, My Self Titled album is available on such sites like iTUNES, MusicMatch, Yahoo Music.etc.

I just found out that its now also available at

Here's the LINK:

Its only $ 9.44

Well, I just wanted to share that info with you all. As you can imagine. I am just thrilled about all that is going on with me and my album.

Thanks for your support.
~Bylli Crayone