Booking freestyle artists for shows?????????


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Oct 1, 2005
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I Have A Question...i See Various Shows For Venues Booking Freestyle Artist Both Old School And New School. I Know That The Old School Artist Are Compinsated For Thier Performance Time For Entertaining At Those Venues. Here Is My Question, Are The New School Artist Being Booked For These Venues Also Being Compinsated For Entertaining At These Venues? It's Been Thrown In The Air That Most Of These New School Artist Do Not Get Compinsated For Their Performances. Me Myself As A Fan Would Hope That This Is Not True. Because An Entertainer Is An Entertainer New School Or Not. I Also Know As A Fan I Have To Pay A Cover Charge At The Door, I Know The Dj Have To Get Paid , The Bouncers Have To Get Paid, The Bartenders, Barbacks, Ect. Also Need To Get Paid. So Why Would You Not Pay The Entertainment For The Evening .....? I Believe That If The Artist Is Good Enough In The First Place To Contact For Potential Booking Then They Should Be Good Enough To Be Compensated For Their Time On Stage. I Am Not Saying In No Way That They Don't Get Compensated I Just Wanna Know If The Rumors I Heard Of Them Not Being Compensated Are True..i For One , Know If I Am Paying A $10.00 Cover Charge At The Door And Drinking Most Of The Night That New School Artist Entertaining The Crowd Better Be Getting A Piece Of That $10.00 That I And All The Other Fans Paid To Get In To See Them. I Know Some People Might Say That There Is Not A Big Market For Freestyle And Many Venues May Not Have Heard Of Most Of The New Artist Yet The Promoters And The Fans Have. I Would Just Like To Know Peoples Opinion On This Topic..
Thank You