Big Week For Freestyle!!!!

Dec 31, 2008
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I live in Jackson Heights, Queens in NYC and I hav
Hello Freestyle family! It’s Swins Fontenelle again from Freestyle Universe on Freestyle Universe is blowing up and this a big week for us! For all of you living in the borough of Queens in New York tune in to the Aurelia Show on Time Warner Cable this Thursday at 8:00 pm when once again, I will be on talking "Freestyle" and this time I’m bringing the amazing Erik Christian and fan-favorite group: Pain!! It's going to be a great show and just a prelude to one of the biggest events in Freestyle in sometime! Yes, this Friday, December 11th 'Honor Roll Freestyle Fridays' begins a new era in its hot new location: Sidetracks 45-08 Queens Blvd @ 46th Street in Sunnyside, Queens!! This is going to be a celebrity packed banger of an event! Artists: Arlene, Lydia Lee Love, Maribel, Wendy, Jessica Fabus and Erik Christian will be performing and even more artists will be in attendance! Hold on to your seats everyone because the legendary: Carlos Berrios is even spinning as well as: Mickey Garcia and four other incredible DJs. I encourage all of you to join in the festivities and make your way to what continues to be a Freestyle Institution!

For all of you on Facebook I hope that you will become a member of Freestyle Universe and join us in supporting all of our Freestyle artists, labels, producers, DJs, promoters, venues, Internet radio stations and websites!