Benefit for Musicians Affected by Hurricane Katrina


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Sep 11, 2003
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New Orleans
I am wanting someone in the freestyle scene to help do a show in your own area for this cause. We have shows in Cali and Florida that will happen the same time as ours in New Orleans. If you are a promoter and wih to help us and have a show like this in your area with freestyle artists, please contact me.

I am really hoping I can get someone in this scene to help do a show. We have various styles so far in different cities. CNN has even contacted me to do a story on this event....

Benefit for Musicians Affected by Hurricane Katrina
New Orleans and NOLA are in the plans of a benefit to help those musicians who were affected by Hurricane Katrina. All proceeds from the show will go to the musicians to help them get their lives back on track. The jam rooms in New Orleans were destroyed and many have lost their equipment and instruments. Tools that are vital to a performing musician.

While FEMA and the Red Cross are helping people, they are forgetting about the musicians. They will not provide money, or instruments to the musicians who depend on their music for an income.

We are also accepting donations of equipment, instruments and cash to help those musicians affected by Katrina.