2010 Freestyle Pics & More

Dec 31, 2008
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I live in Jackson Heights, Queens in NYC and I hav
Hello and Happy New Year my fellow freestylers. I am Swins Fontenelle from Freestyle Universe on facebook.com and of Honor Roll Freestyle Fridays and I am excited about all the wonderful projects that you will all find out about soon enough in 2010 (some of which include Freestyle Universe and me too)! It’s because of all of us who never stopped believing, buying and pushing ahead that our music still keeps beating on! I had the pleasure of attending “Freestyle Frenzy Saturday” @ Tat2Lounge in Bayridge, Brooklyn on January 2nd with a great show by the powerful freestyle duo: Vocal Image and of course I had to take my pictures, which I gladly share with any of you who wish to view them. Just click this link to my online photo albums: http://www.flickr.com/photos/swins/

This Friday, January 8th “Honor Roll Freestyle Fridays” @ Sidetracks (45-08 Queens Blvd @ 46th St) in Sunnyside, Queens will be hosting a benefit show in honor of loyal freestyle fan: David Owens of North Carolina who sadly passed away on December 23rd because of an injury he suffered to his head from a fall. His family is in need of help and the freestyle artists have answered the call! Performing will be: Wendy, Christine Turner, Pure Pleazure, Joe Zangie, Stefanie Bennett, Artie & Legit, Latin Nation and Angie. It’s going to be an amazing night in memory of an amazing person and I strongly encourage you to try to attend.

All of facebook people; I hope that you will become a part of Freestyle Universe where we are dedicated to supporting the artists, labels, websites, radio station, venues, etc. That Universe is expanding and expanding with room for everyone who loves Freestyle! I’m also sending out a special invitation for everyone to attend my huge birthday celebration to be held at Sidetrack on Friday, February 19th with many big surprises, artist performances and more (TBA)!!

Well whoever you are, however you feel and whatever you want; I wish you all the best and more than that my wish is: that we live our most fulfilling and meaningful lives; that we laugh loud and often; that we are surround ourselves with fabulous & real friends; that we give love freely and receive it with open hearts and that we don’t despair on how short life is but live as much life as we can in the time we’re given! Thank you for being part of my time. Ciao