2 Freestyle mega-mixes everyday on Radio! woo-hoo!!

Company B

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Nov 27, 2001
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Boston/ NYC/ South Florida
Im not sure if this station can be found on the web, but "SALSA 98.3" the Spanish station from South Florida /Miami, plays TWO Freestyle mixes from Mon-Sat.

The first mix is from 12 noon-1pm.
Today I went to an appointment & the mix roster was this:

1. GIGGLES- "what goes around, comes around"
2. & MORE- "never find another love"
3. (i forgot the name, ..but sounded like COMPANY B).
4. INDIA- "dancing on the fire"
5. SHANNON- "give me tonight"
6. TINA B.- "january, february"
7. (some Disco song wit a Miami beat)...
....then I got to my appointment. lol.

the otha mix is from 8-9pm.
On my way home, this is what I got to hear:

1. TKA- "x-ray vision"
2. FASCINATION- "don't u think it's time"
3. (..& it was mixing , but sounded like CORO, not sure)... lol.

They've been doing this for some time, & it seems that no one on CF ever mentions it.
So u guys who are not down here, ..u should see if it's on the web.