1. 3000GT

    More Zoe

    Zoe - Don't stop - YouTube Lovin this.. I think it's been out for years, but she put it up on her facebook so im puttin it up here.. Btw, what ever happened to this place? I remember I would come on here a few years back and this place saw so much action, its not even funny.. now its a...
  2. frankie


    what happening with Zoe, myspace etc.. any new info on her second CD?
  3. ChuckD

    Hiya Elissa and Zoe!!!

    Holla to the Canadia freestyle divas! Hope you had a great holiday season. Just letting you know that I have posted up the "Top 50 songs of 2005" as voted on by the members here and ClubFreestyle, and you each have a song on that count down. you can check it out here...
  4. ChuckD

    Message to Zoe!!!!!

    Hiya Canadian Freestyle fans..... Hiya Zoe!!!!! Just wanted to give an announcement here. Zoe, your song "Innocent" got voted the #1 freestyle song for the month of October on ClubFreestyle. It is the first time you hit the #1 spot, and to my memory, the first time a Canadian artist hit the...
  5. TBomb

    Stevie B, Freda, Zoe, Asha and Thiago coming to the Docks in November !!

    Hey, everyone, just wanted to let you know that Stevie B is coming to the Docks on November 11th. Performing with Stevie B are Freda, Zoe, Asha and Thiago featuring DJ TrevorB, playing freestyle-euro-trance. I will post more details as they come, more acts may be added. Tickets are already...
  6. ChuckD

    ClubFreestyle countdown. Elissa and Zoe

    In case you didn't know, ClubFreestyle does a People's Choice Countdown each month, usually between 10 to 15 songs, depending on the number of votes. Just wanted to say a quick "congrats" to both Elissa and Zoe, who both hit our countdown last month, Elissa with "One Last Chance" and Zoe with...
  7. F

    ZOe CD???

    Can anyone please tell me if they order the ZOE cd thru paypal, and how long did it take to get it in the mail?? I order ir in June 1/05 and I still haven't got the Zoe' CD.. I am abit piss that it is taking this long .. I really want the Zoe cd NOW.. please reply back to me at...
  8. frankie

    ZOE Poster??

    I heard there might be a Zoe poster soon??Let me know if anyone has info,I forgot who I talked about this on Freestyleremix. :confused
  9. frankie

    Favorite ZOE song

    I have been playing ZOE's cd and was wondering what ZOE track is your favorite?My favorite is "This isn't love anymore" & "Volerai".
  10. A

    Zoe - Open Your Arms?

    Anyone know of any cd that song is on? THANKS!!
  11. E

    Zoe CD Album

    Zoe CD Album is finally out. Check ebay link below for purchase. This will be a rare CD in the future so grab a copy now while it last. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=4717601511&rd=1&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT&rd=1 Peace!
  12. A

    zoe's cd!

    does anyone know where i can get zoe's cd at? thx
  13. 1sxychica

    Happy Birthday Zoe!

    Happy Birthday! All the best to you this year, ma! Best in life , love, and career :)
  14. D.J. Paradise

    File LIVE Radio Show 5/8--New Zoe, Mendoza, Paradise Edits---BBQ Broadcast w/DJ Soul

    The FREESTYLE FILE Radio Mix Show is SATURDAY, May 8th, 2004 from 5:00 PM TO 10pm E.T. This show is mixed LIVE by D.J. PARADISE, HighTech, June, with TimDog & Benny BlanxXx. Join fans & Freestyle Artist from everywhere in the Club Freestyle chatroom. TO GET TO THE RADIO SHOW, JUST GO...
  15. 1sxychica

    new Zoe track

    DJ SL vs. Zoe -- Crying Over you sample available on www.zoefanclub.com and www.ginogina.ca it sounds amazing!!! good job!
  16. J

    Plz Help...Emjay, Zoe, Dimi, Freda....

    Ok, I just wanted to know if anyone would be interested in helpin me find the release dates from these artists-month and year, wheter on CD or not. Any help would be wonderful :thanks Emjay Zoe Tamara Freda Elissa Dimi Kathy Phillips Marilyn Dia CJ Irene Sasha Monik Garo Tribe Kim Esty Solina...
  17. SONYA

    Zoe's Site Updated

    Hey all, For those of you that haven't checked out Zoe's site recently...it's been updated again...loooking good more features and new features and additions www.zoefanclub.com ok so "Come Home" is playing as you enter the site...ZOE WHERE CAN ONE GET THE FULL VERSION OF THIS SONG :jiggy
  18. D.J. Paradise

    Happy Birthday Zoe

    Just wanted to take the time to wish Freestyle Artist, "Zoe", a very Happy Birthday. Check her out @ www.ZoeFanClub.Com *besos* DJ Paradise
  19. 1sxychica

    Happy Birthday Zoe!!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZOE!!!! all the best to you on your birthday... hope you celebrate it good! Good luck with everything, career, personal life, etc. thanks for bringing some amazing music into our lives.. hope to hear more from you this yr. *mwa* :bparty
  20. D.J. Paradise

    File LIVE Radio/Chat 1/03/04----ZOE LIVE IN THE STUDIO

    HAPPY 2004 !!!!! The FREESTYLE FILE Radio Mix Show is SATURDAY, January 3rd, 2004 from 5:00 PM TO 10pm E.T. This show is mixed LIVE by D.J. PARADISE, HighTech, June, with TimDog & Benny BlanxXx. Join fans & Freestyle Artist from everywhere in the Club Freestyle chatroom. TO GET TO THE RADIO...