1. S

    Freestyle Universe New Years Eve Party In NYC!!

    Freestyle Universe, The Freestyle Universe Radio Show and are giving the Freestyle loving populace of New York City area an opportunity to bring in the New Year the best way they know how to do it and that's 'The Freestyle Way'!! Come and celebrate the beginning of another year...
  2. J

    After years of searching this forum is my last hope

    Back in the 90's mix tapes were poppin in everyone's head unit. There was this one DJ who was the most impressive edit and mixing DJ I ever heard. His name was DJ Joe Boom Boom and he had plenty of mix tapes available that I purchased from little stands in the malls or at the pennsauken mart. I...
  3. frankie

    Happy new years!

    Another great year for CF and freestyle music
  4. D

    bang out New Years Eve with this CD - New Years Eve Bash

    when it comes to bringing in the New Years man, this CD mix is the boom! Its got all the cool hits like , Music, Lady Marmalade and We Like To Party. These tunes will definitly get may upcoming house party pumping..I just got it for my birthday off iTunes...its called New Years Eve Bash from...
  5. S

    Freestyle Event of the Years, Plus New Pics!

    Hello clubfreestyle. It's Swins here letting you know that the Lemon Tree Lounge in Elmhurst, Queens "Home Of Freestyle Fridays" is getting ready to put on the event of the year! Before I get to that though, let me first share with you that I have new pics of the beautiful Freestyle artist...
  6. H

    WCYC playlist - 1988-89 (20 years ago)!

    Guess what I found: WCYC (90.5 FM) Chicago Top 40 Year End Dance Music Countdown (ratings determined by listener requests and resulting airplay accumulated between January 1st and October 31st, 1989)....almost 20 years ago! 1-"Endless Nights"-Cynthia 2-"Give Me Back My Heart"-Corina 3-"Yo Yo...
  7. H

    25 years of Let The Music Play - Shannon returns to Chicago!

    25 years…Freestyle original Shannon returns to Chicago and Studio 63-August 23rd! 25 years after her Chris Barbosa/Nelson “FFWD” Cruz produced hit “Let The Music Play” introduced her to the dance music world, Shannon returns to Chicago to kick off the new Freestyle season at Studio 63. Anyone...
  8. H

    20 Years of Words and Music-Cynthia!

    In recognition of Cynthia's 20th Anniversary of her 20th Birthday, I have recorded a new Wake Up Dancing program which showcases interview excerpts and musical highlights of Cynthia's freestyle dance music career. I have bits that date back to 1988 from her initial appearance on my Saturday...
  9. F

    Happy New Years CF!

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to wish all of you a Very Happy and Healthy New Years. Im a little sad tonight as I didnt get to see the person I wanted to on New Yrs Eve, but what can ya do? I hope 2006 is a great year for everyone! I send love and best wishes to all of you! Randi (FreestyleGal)
  10. E

    Freestlye acts on New Years?

    Does anyone know who will be performing where on New Years Eve? All I know so far is George LAmond and Cynthia will be at Tribecca in NJ...
  11. J

    Vizcayans New Years Dance Party

    Vizcayans New Years Dance Party DATE Saturday, December 31, 2005 TIME 9:00 pm to 2:00 am VENUE Vizcaya Museum, 3251 South Miami Avenue, Miami, FL 33129 ATTIRE Semi-formal to Black Tie Optional PARKING No cost for self-park. No valet parking available. Parking Areas: Vizcaya lot or...
  12. Kenny Guido

    covergirls @ zachary's-new years eve

    covergirls @ zachary's-new years eve
  13. T

    New Years Eve with The Covergirls!!

    Come and ring in the new year with The Covergirls as they perform live at Zachary's on Long Island. Enjoy two parties for the price of one. Enjoy a spectacular buffet,midnight champagne toast,midnight balloon drop,noisemakers and party favors at this New Years Eve Mardi Gras celebration. And...
  14. T

    New Years Eve Jam starring Stevie B

    Come and party with Stevie B on New Years Eve Saturday December 31,2005 as Stevie performs live @ Club Rain in Malden Mass. This place always gets packed for a Stevie B show so be sure that this New Years Eve party will be packed early. Hope to see all of you @ Club Rain New Years Eve. Club...
  15. latinfreestyle21

    I am 20 years old Today

    Damn I am Finally 20 Years Old WOw Its guys by fast after this
  16. This Is GoodBye

    Song Help [ Been Looking For This Song For 6 Years ]

    I Have Been Looking For This Song For 6 Years...Its A Male Singer And I Heard It On A Porno.. U Can Laugh Now...It Was A Gay Porno With To Latin Guys...Sitting In Front Of A Computer....I Was More Dance / Technoish... And They lryics Go Like This... Male Singer......... Turn It Up Turn It Up ...
  17. Chris-TheNuk

    7 years Apollo Freestyle - Happy Birthday

    On 1st november we've celebrate the B-Day of Apollo Freestyle. 1st nov. , 7 years ago, they released their first Single "Pes Mou To sagapo/Say That You Love Me". They take the melody of Stevie B.'s "Spring Love" and created a new text. within 7 years they get much experience (over 45 released...
  18. Edalgiere

    See what caused a ruckus on the radio 67 years ago

    It was Halloween eve 1938. Millions of war-jittery Americans listened as special news bulletins reported that the tiny town of Grover's Mill, N.J., had been captured by invaders from Mars. It was only a radio play – a re-creation of H.G. Wells' story "War of the Worlds" – cleverly disguised as...
  19. H

    Just about 20 years ago...

    ...I purchased this 12" single from Tommy Boy...some new fancy group discovered at a house party and then showcased at Sal Albatiello's Devil's Nest/Fever Nightclub...I wonder whatever happened to them...and the chick? Made just one appearance on this album cover and then disappeared..too...
  20. R

    for years i have wondered...

    ok - in 1997 i heard a song over a friend's house that totally blew me away. the sound was sorta like "my boo" and the female was voice was something similar to amber's tone. the hook was: "i cant get you - no no no - i cant get you - out of my mind - can't let you - walk away right out my life."