1. S

    Marla G and Wicked One on the Freestyle Universe Radio Show

    Freestyle's Naughtiest Party Boy meets the Wicked One and is bedazzled by the fabulous Marla G on the next episode of The Freestyle Universe Radio Show on www.emberradiolive.com. Tune in to this hit broadcast series that gives you an insider's view of the World of Freestyle and don't...
  2. O

    Wicked Freestyle 12's On Ebay Now!!

    http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsofindtypeZ15QQuseridZfreestylejayQQfclZ3QQsspagenameZhQ3AhQ3AadvsearchQ3AUSQQsofocusZbsQQcatrefZC5QQfromZR7QQpfidZ0QQsinceZ30QQfsopZ1QQfsooZ1QQfrppZ50 GOOD LUCK!:spin
  3. Freestylejay

    Wicked Online Freestyle Station

    You guys need to check out www.miamimixx.com Nobodys plays more freestyle!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They actually play your requests unlike most stations. Best part of all, they have every freakin' song! thats the latest from miami! freestylejay
  4. P

    Wicked Freestyle Mix CD 4 Sale!!!!

    i have just dug up a freestyle mix from 1990. This mix kicks ass. Its about 14 minutes long and was studio mixed. Songs Included: Intro Fascination-Remember Tony Moran-Dance With Me Tina B-January, February Jaya-If You Leave Me Now Eileen Flores-Touch Me Reinald-O-Another Night...
  5. F

    Wicked freestyle lyrics and tunes

    Hey, this goes out to anyone who has got good beats but needs good freestyle lyrics and tunes. I love to write freestyle music. I have written many freestyle songs, but i'm to lazy to get them out and heard. My two favorite songs are 'freestyle fantasy' (a more classic-freestyle sound) and...