1. V

    Leo De Leon in D-Town Reggaeton Time show in Dallas.. watch now!

    I invited freestyle artist Leo De Leon to my show D-Town Reggaeton Time this past saturday and it went awesome! Even though my show is reggaeton, I support 100% the freestyle genre as I have been a fan of it for many years. Here is the link to where you can see when Leo was there which he very...
  2. N

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  3. N

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  4. R

    Watch Live TV Streaming Music Chanenls in PC

    Hello guys, I have read a lot about internet satellite tv players.. to be honest, I am quite disappointed because the ones I tried have a pretty poor channel offering and do not actually music channels like A-1 TV, Africa Hit, All Music , Bahanne TV etc. After a few weeks I ended up...
  5. F

    Anyone Watch Days of our Lives?

    Does anyone here watch Days of our Lives? I just found out about something MAJOR that is going to happen on the show. This has the potential to be an excellent story. I hope they execute it as well as they should. If so, this could be the story that changes Days and makes it into the show it...
  6. spanishfly053177

    WATCH OUT FOR THIS Those that use IM'S

    Everyone that uses IM's like Yahoo, AOL,MSN MESSNGER there is a worm going around. HERE IS THE SCOOP: The worm attempts to dupe you into believing that a friend has sent you a link to a harmless file. If you click on the file, you see an image of Santa. While viewing it, the worm attempts...
  7. E

    DVDs in your collection you have yet to watch?

    Which movies in your collection you have yet to watch? I have yet to watch Lord of the rings II extended edition :D
  8. B

    Watch Oprah Get Zapped!
  9. SONYA

    Please Watch Your Kids...

    Or you may have to buy your own kid back from a vending machine....
  10. SONYA

    Watch The Trunk

    Hmmmm I actually think I have no comment for this one... A man attempting to burglarize a car over the weekend locked himself in the trunk and was swiftly arrested, police said. A security guard at an apartment complex in southeast Fresno followed a trail of blood to a banging noise coming...
  11. F

    Third Watch Has Been cancelled

    I am so upset that one of my fave shows Third Watch has been cancelled. This show never got the attention or recognition that it deserved. I loved the cast. They will conclude their 6th and final season when they return from their midseason hiatus :( Randi (FreestyleGal)
  12. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~Watch Your Credit Cards~*~

    Just got this via e-mail and thought I share it....... SCENE 1. This is a new one. People sure stay busy trying to cheat us, don't they?? A friend went to the local gym and placed his belongings in the locker. After the workout and a shower, he came out, saw the locker open, and thought...
  13. ChuckD

    Commercial Leaves Kids Too Scared to Watch TV

    A Marmite commercial that parodied 1950's science fiction film "The Blob" has been banned from all children's' programs in Britain after leaving kids too scared to watch television, the advertising watchdog said. Two Marmite adverts featured a giant brown blob rolling along a crowded street...
  14. M

    What did you watch last night

    Last night at the same time was The Yankees vs Sox, Astros vs cardinals(on Fox Sports Net; MSG in NYC , Comcast SportsNet in DC) and The Presidential Debate. Which did you watch? I know I watched; Conn vs West Va on ESPN!!!!!! That was a stupid schedule to air the games and The Debate at...
  15. sietzsounds

    Anyone watch that show Elimidate???

    I was flippin thru channels & saw someone I recognized..... it was the show Elimidate.... one of the contestants was my future sister in-law!!!! (my sister's fiancee's sister) I was like holy crap is that Lauren???? She got booted off second probably cause she was acting extra slutty!!!!! :lol
  16. toni

    another reason to watch the yankees

    as if derrek jetters fine ass wasnt enough now there is alex rodiquez a great addition to the team...HE IS SO HOT!!!! :cheer
  17. E

    watch out for me!!!

    Watch out for my post it' gonna be new and raw I have class in a half so I can't start once i start flowing watch out and when I do I want you all to throw in some of this and that we'll keep it flowing someone pick a title and post it i'll be back in a half then we'll get started "the first...
  18. P

    NEWlyweds 55k for a watch

    If anyone watched newlyweds on mtv tonite you saw jessica simpson give her man nick a $55,000.00 watch. WHAT?!! A 55k watch!!! dam he is lucky he gets to have her and the bling blingbling bling for 55k i'll go on mtv with my women so every one can see my $55.00 Fossil watch lol For some reason i...

    Does Anybody Watch...

    I Life To Live!!? I Have Missed It A Couple Of Times And I Am Lost!!! I Am Wondering What Happend To Christian?? Holllllaaaaaaaaaaaa
  20. Edalgiere

    Any Body Watch Foodtv Unwrapped Tonight