1. spanishfly053177

    Might be having a warm winter..

    Yup. Things might be looking good this month... Tomorrows high is 1 and with a low of -13,
  2. SONYA

    Keeping You Warm - Sean Paul

    This is the song of the summer :listen
  3. Heavenly

    Just wanted to give a Warm Welcome!

    Well just wanted to give a Warm Welcome to my lil newborn Neice Isabel. She was born today at 4:50pm 6lbs and 6ozs..... she has a head full of hair .... and she's bootiful just like her auntie Heaven :heee Mom is doing great.... she had some complications but she is fine.
  4. LaIndia320

    CF Join Me in Warm Wishes For My Friend Jazzy4U

    ~*@*~Congrats to Jazzy4U & Nathan~*@*~ Hey My CF Family, I want to let you all know that its one more day For Jazzy and Nate's Wedding. I would like to say congrats to Jazzy and Her Fiance Nate, They will be Getting Married Tomorrow. :cheers to you mama I love you so much. Mami Thank you so...
  5. taezee

    another warm fuzzy feeling bought to you from homeland security..

    what have we learned since 9-11??? a special report last night on CBS news showed that one of the prime targets for the next terrorist attack is the GEORGE WASHINGTON BRIDGE the single most important route of transport on the east coast... you figure with that common knowledge the...
  6. ChuckD

    home, warm, and safe???

    Holla cf members!!! Hope everyone is safe, warm, and dry in their homes on this snowy evening!
  7. ChuckD

    Winter Was Warm......

    This song was originally featured in the holiday cartoon, "Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol". I remember seeing it as a child, but never really appreciating the music/lyrics of this classic. I just saw it again this past holiday season. This song stuck with me, and I managed to find the lyrics on...
  8. M

    Warm those chords up..

    Life, right now i'd like take to it with a serated double edged knife I've been told to look ahead but all i see is more strife I turned to god for a while, but then he took my mum along wit ma smile, But thru rhymin i've kept ma head up high, battlin fools rippin em' to shreds is how i get by...
  9. myonlysweetie

    Staying Warm?

    60 above zero: Floridians turn on the heat. People in New England plant gardens. 50 above zero: Californians shiver uncontrollably People in New England sunbathe. 40 above zero: Italian & English cars won't start. People in New England drive with their windows down. 32 above...
  10. aim4night

    A warm welcome to new peeps

    since i never come in here, thought i should say hi and join the welcome wagon.:aangel ok gotta go before i get:forkyou
  11. J

    The Warm Yellow Vial

    The Warm Yellow Vial Doctor you send me to the bath room with an empty clear vial in hand. I return with a filled warm yellow vial. You tell me Bring it down the hall to the lab. I say ok. I walk toward the lab and 3 hot nurses are there. G man had to hand over his pee to these fine ladies...
  12. F

    Who is warm?

    I'm not! At least when i go outside :( Damn weather!! It's been said we're expected to get 6-10 inches on snow and tired of this shit already :mad
  13. S

    Thank you all for the warm welcome

    How you doing?I just want to thank you all for welcoming me on board.Mario,Heavenly,Putana,Sweetgirl,Make ya Dance,and all of you freestylers.I'll keep posting.Keep Freestyle Alive!!!!!:cool:
  14. N

    Thank's for the warm Welcome !!!

    lebenezFstyler,,,,,,Latina-grl16,,,,,Mario (yoyoMario),,,,,,,,,Midnighteternal......Enigma,,,,,,,,,DatBoyJay,,,,,, And NAT,,,,, Thank you all for the warm welcome!!! Just trying to figure this all out....I thought it would be easier...LOL I'm sure I'll get the hang...
  15. J

    Warm Welcome for the man who's brought us so much.

    Please join me in welcoming our newest member. Freestyle Artist - JOHHNY O! Let's Show Johnny O Some Luvvvv