1. D

    Wanna bet?

    An elderly woman walked into the Bank of Canada one morning with a purse full of money. She wanted to open a savings account and insisted on talking to the president of the Bank because, she said, she had lot of money. After many lengthy discussions (after all, the client is always right), an...
  2. Sal Collaziano

    Wanna get skinny?

    Well. I should probably change the title - but I bet it'll attract more attention as it stands. Men don't wanna get skinny - we just want to lose fat. Women, more often than not, want to "get skinny" - and here's how... I know! You don't want to hear it.. Unfortunately, if it were easy to be...
  3. R

    Anybody wanna Text Battle...

    I never rest, Id rather sleep when I'm dead; No time to procrastinate like Bush when the storm is code red. Grab a Vest, I'd rather creep with the lead; No time the bumpin knuckles cops will aim for da head. Life's a test, Cheat for the answers instead; No time fa da petty Honor Survival means...
  4. Dianita

    Hi my name is Dianita! Wanna be my friend???

    I could really use some...all my friends moved far away...or they were too into my ex, and I don't have very many left:sosad So will you be my friend??? I'll be your best friend:dancepuff !!!! You can come to my house and we can play Nintendo and we'll drink lots of Kool-aid:heee.
  5. babydolllisa

    NE 1 Wanna Trade MP3 Freestyle Songs???

    Hi, I have lots of mp3 freestyle songs saved on my comp. Sorry I have no mixes just songs by certain artist's. NE 1 wanna trade??? U can reach me on www.myspace.com/babydoll_lisa or YIM me (my ID is >>>lisaaherrera) or email me UR list & I'll email U mine. (My email addy is...
  6. C

    Do It Any Way Ya Wanna, Breakdance Electro Funk

    This song is from the Video "Swift Rocks....and ya don't stop Vol. 2" {1983} Author: deuceboogie im trying to find a track from the 80's i think....the lyrics go " do it any way you wanna....if u know that you feel it....and the dream is in your soul....do it any way you wanna....dont be...
  7. B

    cover girls thanks on rap 12" sutra 1987 i just wanna rap

    rockin roll i just wanna rap sutra 1987 credits give SPECIAL THANKS TO THE COVER GIRLS... anyone know why? did they backing vocals on this record? just curious. :idea
  8. BabyBeTTYBooP

    Wanna Laugh

    I have a Freestyle on-line friend who lives in Texas, that is sending me a Money Order, so I can buy him, White Castles and mail it Overnight to him...he is so excited....Gravin the White Castles!! See the priviledge of living in NYC :) :yeey
  9. Desired Bliss

    Just wanna say whats up to all yall~

    SO WHATS UP!:sunshine
  10. B

    just wanna say "hi"!

    hey everyone! my name is paulina A.K.A. babygirl559,from california just wanna say hello to everybody hopefully make some new friends that love the same music i do seems like alot of peeps forgot about freestyle! i feel like im "in a dream"lol much love everyone! babygirl559
  11. HennyLuv159

    Just wanna wish my Mom a Happy Birthday

    :hbday Mom, may GOD Bless You :cparty !!!!!!
  12. K


    you know what im sayin send files through instant messaging add me at two_four_kkrayzie@hotmail.com on msn messenger i have alot and alot of mixes and singles anyone u can prolly think of but shoot u no how it goes i want more more more lol holla at me ~ 1 we can start chattin and...
  13. K

    wanna trade ? some mixes

    anybody interested in trading some freestyle mixes i got some "juan 2 big perez" dj sweet, bad boy dj naw t boy holla at me if u interested two_four_kkrayzie@hotmail.com will look bak at replyes
  14. Dianita

    Do you wanna know? What couldn't you forgive?

    While we're all entitled to our privacy, is there anything in your partner's past that you feel you have the right to know? Or what about just wanna know? And is there anything in that person's past you just wouldn't be able to forgive? One of my main ones is if he's always used protection...
  15. N

    I wanna know what you're feeling?????

    " I wanna know what you're feeling...tell me what's on your mind"....anyone know who sang this song and the title also? Thanks
  16. Sexyangel329

    I wanna cry

    I am so sick I want to cry Ias soon as I get to work in the morning I have my breakfast and read the news on cnn.com and I see this headline abuot a 7month old who was sexually abused I felt sick just looking at the headline when I click on the link to read it it made me sick to my stomach they...
  17. ¤

    I Wanna Make Love

    I have heard 3 different versions of Johnny O's "I Wanna Make Love". 2 of them have piano intros (two different piano versions) and one doesn't. I currently have the non-piano intro version, but I would love one or both of the other two...If any one has any info that can help out it would be...
  18. Caleb-B

    Here"s what I wanna Know........

    Why is it when your single, No one give you any play.....like you can be on a 7 month dry spell . Suddenly you hook up with some one and before you know it people start flirting with you, you get smiles you never got before....Shit they practicly ask for you damn number. Crazy. I think it has...
  19. QuEeNsGuRL24

    Just wanna say

    WHAT'S UP EVERYONE!!! Hope everyone is having a good week so far... and also i hope to see alot of you at the Freestyle mega concert coming up @ spirt night club on Oct. 10. I am looking forward to meeting some of the new members, and hanging with the old members lol (::whispers:: Kyrstal i hope...
  20. RetRoxNaTion

    does anyone have an mp3 of Wanna Be Starting Someting By PSO?

    i have searched high and low for this song and i cannot find it..can someone please help me with it? it would be greatly appreciated my AIM is ReTROxNaTioN