1. N

    dj tony presents i gave my heart volume II

    just wondering if any of yall know this disc. If so, culd you list songs and artists. cannot identify 14, 21 and 29
  2. R

    What is everyone's fav song from Bangin Beats Volume 2 disc 2?

    I am not sure if there was a posting about this but I was curious to what was everyone's favorite song off of disc 2 from Bangin Beats Vol. 2. Other than "I can't change", currently, I really like Danielle Simeone's "When will you love me". All songs are really good however. Aby's and Thiago's...
  3. D

    Euro Mania Volume 2

    Hey peeps im back once again with Euro Mania Volume 2 check it out! Finally got this mix done just need a bit of changes you know what im sayin? So I hope you guys enjoy this mix and let me know what you think so I give you my most requested mix that everybody wants the world premire of Elard...
  4. H

    Legends of Freestyle Volume #1 free cd offer

    Thanks to all that have supported the Legends of Freestyle volume CD. For a limited time, Hot Mix Music will be giving away a free Time Schommer CD with the purchse of Legends Of Freestyle Volume #1 when you purchase it @ legendsoffreestyle.com. Thats 2 cds for the price of 1. Please note that...
  5. D.J. Paradise

    "Bangin Beats" Volume 2 mixed DJ Steve Callo & DJ Paradise-release date/track listing

    "Bangin Beats" Volume 2 mixed DJ Steve Callo & DJ Paradise-release date/track listing Hello, Just wanted to drop by and give you an update on the upcoming Bangin Beats release. You can check out the radio edited versions at www.MicMacRecords.Com This Cd will have both Old School and New...
  6. D

    Euro Mania Volume 1 2004

    Hey guys this is my latest mix that I have done for over the past year and it was due out last year and it made a success a 5 star rating and its all over europe so check it out and for those that wants to check it out go ahead because this is the one that keeps peeps movin! give me feedbacks...
  7. G_I_JOE_EMR

    Puemp up the volume by marrs

    Does anyone have "Pump up the volume" by Marrs on MP3 Willing to pay if your copies are in good condition. This is hard to find copies here in PUerto Rico. I'd like to give it as a gift to a friend of mine who collects freestyle and does some bad ass mixes. Please email me: ginaemr@yahoo.com
  8. F

    100% Freestyle Volume 6

    Official Release Date 8/16/2004 Label:Miami Bass Records Germany Distributed By Sony Music 01 - Drc Project - And I 02 - Linda Furtado - Wait For Me 03 - Kim Esty - Want Me 04 - Ashley - Here We Are (Extended Club Mix) * 05 - The Unit - Where Does It Go From Here 06 - Double Effect -...
  9. Nyasia

    DJ PARADISE'S "HOUSESTYLE" volume one.

    DAYUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!! I know you gave this to me when I left to Florida but I just finally sat down to listen to it and Holy Crap! all I can say is that your the EFIN MANNNNN!! ok, now I gotta go put it in my car with my new system and annoy the neighbors as I drive out of my...
  10. Krystal

    BadBoy Joe Volume 5 Freestyle Megamix

    Old-School songs that will appear on Bad Boy Joe's Freestyle Megamix Vol.5. We are shooting for a February 2004 street date. Thanks.-Gene 1. Like A Child - Noel 2. Boy I've Been Told - Safire 3. Arabian Nights - Latin Rascals 4. Hungry For Your Love - Hanson & Davis 5. All and All - Joyce...
  11. B

    NEW: 100% Freestyle Volume 4

    Title: 100% Freestyle Volume 4 Artist: Various Artists Label: Miami Bass Records/Distel Media Group/Sony Music Germany Release Date: 11/10/2003 Based on the track lisiting, probably the best out of the 4 in the series. Includes 5 tracks...
  12. O

    My Review Of Bad Boy Joe's Volume 4 CD in a Nutshell!!!

    -Mostly famous old school breakbeat cuts. -Not many "freestyle" tracks. -Freestyle fan friendly -Unlike other Bad Boy Joe compilations -His mixing would usually occur at the end of every track. My own rating on a scale of 1 to 10.... 10 because he brings back alot of old stuff that other comps...
  13. F

    Bad Boy Joe Volume 4!!!!!!!

    Great job on Vol.4 Joe....Keep up the great work!!!...I suggest Everyone go out and get this one, you won't be dissapointed. :cheer :dj
  14. Krystal

    Freestyle Fresh Kids Volume 1

    Anyone know where I can purchase this cd? :heee
  15. V

    Freestyle Heaven Volume 4!!!

    OMG - I FOUND THE SONG IVE BEEN POSTING HELP ON AGES AGO!!!!!:D now i juss need someone to tell me who sings it and title...its track 17 on freestyle heaven vol. 4! thx
  16. Kenny Guido

    Stong Island VOLUME 2

    I just spoke to Bobby "LA" Laserra as he stopped at my house and he said the album should be hitting "BEST BUY" by the end of the month. It will contain some added tid-bits for the computer savy fans out there. You can also purchase it at the website. He also stated that he wants to start on a...
  17. F

    Freestyle Explosion Volume 7

    I just picked up Freestyle Explosion Volume 7 the other day. It's the newest release from Thump Records. Here is the track listing for everyone: 1. Sidewalk Talk--Jellybean 2. Touch Me (All Night Long)--Wish Feat. Fonda Rae 3. Pop Goes My Love--Freeez 4. In My Eyes---Stevie B 5. Baby...
  18. D

    Here is the playlist for Dj Caliente Presents - Freestyle From The Past Volume 1

    1.Safire - Let Me Be The One 2.T.P.E - Then Came You 3.Nina Bena - Sweet Heart 4.TKA - Tears May Fall 5.George Lamond - Bad Of The Heart 6.Body-N-Style - Listen To My Cries 7.Cynthia - If I Had The Chance 8.Nice N Wild - Diamond Girl 9.Lissette Melendez - Time Passes By 10.Voyce - Within My...
  19. Kenny Guido

    Strong Island Volume 2......

    I just got back from STRONG ISLAND STUDIOS and BOBBY "LA" LASERRA personally gave me a copy hot off the press. The album is done and I have yet to listen to it but here is the track listing: 1. ROME0- "EVERY NIGHT ALONE" 2. MICHELLE LEE-"WILL YOU EVER LOVE ME" 3. 8TH ANGEL-"A FIRE WITHIN" 4...
  20. O

    Mic Mac Presents Freestyles Greatest Hits Volume 5 (for sale)

    Joei Mae- promise me your heart janine Garcia- moving on Bernadette- you are the one David- love is the answer teaz to pleaz- i know you know nyasia/george anthony- take me away Jose Bohn- forgive me Dominica- gotta let you go Jeremy- all alone Poze- It's not over selling price $20.00