1. Chris-TheNuk

    rar freestyle cds (frankie boy, rochelle, vla, holy cole, timmy t....)

    i have list some of my cds on eBay here is a list: Caleb-B - The Freestyle Take Over Stevie B - This Time Concept Of One - Concept Of One Freestyle X-Mas - Christmas Frankie Boy - Margarita (Single CD) Frankie Boy - She's Leaving (Single CD) Rei Summers - Time After Time (Single CD) Timmy...
  2. I

    Global Dance Tour 2005 @ Club108- Emjay,La Bouche,Le click,Joee,VLA

    whos going? The Global Dance Tour 2005 - @ CLUB 108, WEDNESDAY AUGUST 31st CANADA - Mississuaga (near Toronto). Get ready to witness some of the biggest wayback classic eurodance artist's performing live in concert Featuring 5 Performances. Performing Live classic eurodance artist "'EMJAY'...
  3. Y


    Is there a new single from VLA floating around out there? I checked www.vla.ca for some info, but it wasnt clear.
  4. P


    Does anyone know where I can get this cd single?
  5. P


    Does anyone know where I can find this cd? I want the single for "We won't let eachother go". Does anyone also know the lyrics to it?
  6. Coro'sGirl


    where can i find out more about him? i love his song "we wont let each other go"
  7. X

    Rosalinda.....and VLA

    i was jus wonderin if any of u guys heard da song by rosalinda "gimme all your love" and "i gave my heart to you" by VLA.....i think those are 2 of the best freestyle songs....and i wanted to know if any 1 knew any other songs that they sang...thanx
  8. F


  9. F

    where can i find vla new track

    can anyone help thanks in advance
  10. M

    VLA - I gave my heart

    Anyone has athe 12" record for "I gave my heart" by VLA on the Captain Records label?
  11. F

    New VLA

    Hi everybody, I was wondering if some of you got the new VLA song "You are the one" on Captain records! What do you think? Francis PS: Happy New Year to all of you Canadian Freestylers :D
  12. J


    Whatz up wit VLA?? And last time i saw or heard never never was in 97 or 98 with "when u smile"....wazzzzaaappp...
  13. S

    What happened to VLA?!?!?

    VLA had the BOMBEST song out "We won't let each other go"...that's the best freestyle song!! That is mine and my baby Jenns song!! Best freestyle song alive!! I love it!! Where is VLA now?