1. B

    vita lets make love

    does anybody know if this got a 12" pressing?
  2. F


    I have been trying to get an autographed photo of "vita" for a while now. If anyone can help please email me at
  3. Peter


    does anybody heard the New song by Vita "By my side" so far ????:confused:
  4. SONYA

    Info on Dimi and/or Vita

    Dimi and Vita are two amazing freestyle artists that actually are not all that popular. Ne ways because of that all I know is that they are Canadian and that they are amazing singers. Does Ne one else have ne other info. Thanks WHEN GOD CREATED GINAS HE CREATED ;)
  5. Peter


    Where can the New song "By my side" wich get airplayed by the last DJ Paradise show last weekend been found on ??? what Label ??? Thx Peter:confused:
  6. R

    Vita and Mary April

    What happened to these two ladies? Mary April was featured on Syntex's "All through the night", "Stung By Love" and Vita had the songs "Tonight is forever", "Let's make love" & "Magic Touch".
  7. E

    Who Knows Vita

    Hi, I'm looking for the following vinyl 12 inch records from Vita Crying Over You Magic Touch Tonight & Forever If anybody has them I will trade you some of my 12 inch records or we can work something out for those 3 songs.