1. E

    Lets Visit La Mirage in the Bronx once again

    I had good times at this dance club in the Bronx back in the late 80's. My Brother and I could always be found there on a Friday night , at times I thought that I was the only black Man that loved freestyle music and my love for Puerto Rican poeple. My brother and I had sweaters made up with the...
  2. Scott

    Anyone ever visit...?

    CBS' Early Show, specifically the Summer Concert Series? I'm HOPING to go next Thursday when Kelly Clarkson tapes a performance, and I'm trying to at least get an idea what to expect... If anyone has ever gone, what time should I try to get there? (Email from CBS says cutoff is 11AM, with Kelly...
  3. atxfreestyler

    Doctor Visit

    An 85-year-old man went to his doctor`s office to get a sperm count. The doctor gave the man a jar and said, "Take this jar home and bring back a semen sample tomorrow." The next day the 85-year-old man reappeared at the doctor`s office and gave him the! Jar, which was as clean and empty as...
  4. Sexyangel329

    Doctors Visit

    Well Tavian had his second Doctors visit today he is now weighing 12lbs and is 22 inches long he is doing great thank God, his cheeks just keep getting fatter lol he has a little cradle cap but other then that he is doing very well thought I would share that with those who ask bout my boo boo.
  5. Edalgiere

    to the freetyle artists who visit

    like to wish all of the artists who visit here A MERRY CHRISTMAS nyasia,cynthia, safire TKA ashley grey nu image sam savon cheree victor vega freeze johnny O corrina nick colon ayna, manny Latin Nation Phillip Anthony Willie Valentin Synthia Figueroa joey kidd & MORE i know i missed a few...
  6. Sexyangel329

    Todays Doc Visit

    Weppppaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I just got back from my doctors visit and my Tiny is doing just fine his little heart beat is strong and fast music to my ears :D I smile every time I hear it :D. I asked the Doctor if he could tell where Tiny was, he moves a lot so he cant give me an exact location lol...
  7. Z

    Planet Freestyle's Artist- Visit

    Hey guys I just wanted to let you know about Thiago's Website.. he is actually one of my students at Melody Studios & Artist Development directed by me :) He did an amazing job and I am proud of his hard work.!! His track is awsome im sure you guys will love it! I hope you show him the...
  8. Nyasia

    who has gotten a visit from the Midnight Bandit lately?

    and did he have a diamond cutter with him!!!..LOL I know some of the girls will remember this one..lolol time to spice up the boards again!..