1. F

    Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday?

    (Female)Thursday, Friday, Saaaaaaturdayyyy, Looooove. I, I, I, I, I, I, IIIIIII. (Male) Girl can't fiiiiiiiiiiii-innnndddd. <drums> (Deep Male Voice) Love. --- This is super tough. I use to hear this song on the radio in Miami when I was little. Then I heard it at a freestyle concert in Ft...
  2. ChuckD

    Tuesday Night shoutouts!!!!!

    Holla to everyone here on cf right now!!!!! Betty Dee Brklyn345 caiosoccer ChuckD dfwbill71 Enigma Esquire_1 mez MyriamCruz1977 spanishfly053177 tallflip
  3. ChuckD

    Tuesday afternoon shoutouts

    Holla to everyone online now!!!! Brit' fan Chris-TheNuk ChuckD crazygirl dallastexas Dianita Freestyle Avenger Krystal LMZ Music Inc. marco michelle28 myonlysweetie oppositeme SEDUCTIVE NENA Sexyangel329 yburgos7
  4. Dianita

    Wishing everyone a joyous Tuesday!!!!

    Good Morning my CF familia!!! May your day be joyous and filled with :sunshine !!!!!
  5. ChuckD

    Happy Tuesday everyone!!!

    Hope everyone has a great day!!!! Much success and love to you all! :)
  6. ChuckD

    Tuesday night shout outs!!!!

    Holla everyone!!! I'm in a good mood! My vacation starts tonight! :dancingb Not going anywhere, but still away from work!!!! :boing Here's a shout out to who is online now! ChuckD DaddyJ02 Detourec Edalgiere Enigma fkfmf joey kid LaIndia320 megotamagicstick Rocky Scott...
  7. ChuckD

    Happy Tuesday everyone!!!!!

    Holla everyone! Let's make some noise in this joint! HOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  8. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~Happy Tuesday~*~

    Hey it's Tuesday................... 3 more days to go and it's Friiiiidaaayyy! :jumpr Enjoy your day everybody. Happy Tuesday. :wave I'm off to work now............ :heee
  9. ChuckD

    Tuesday night shout outs!!!!

    BabyBeTTYBooP djjerme DreamGirl Enigma LouieC melissa figueroa michelle28 phirewerk sExXxe Sexyangel329 sietzsounds taezee toni Willie Valentin yburgos7
  10. Sexyangel329

    Tuesday Tavis 1st day

    Hello everyone Happy Tuesday. Today is Tavians 1st day at daycare and I must tell you I got all emotional leaving him there I snuck out while he was being distracted with toys my lil man is a lil man now. I wanted to stay there with him packed all his things last night and walked there this...
  11. ChuckD

    Tuesday night shoutouts!

    Holla to everyone online now!!!! Brklyn345 cArLiToS WaY D.J. Paradise DaddyJ02 DiaMoND_GiRL DJ Soul Fireylatina31 Harv Roman mrmiami PRicanPrince QuEeNsGuRL24 Sexyangel329 SiriusDance tanktruck
  12. ChuckD

    Tuesday afternoon shout outs!!!!

    Holla to everyone on cf right now!!!!!!!!!! adsqueen Angel Moreno Capricorn1 D.J. Paradise Itala JohnFly5 kismet67 lachicabella LadyDivine melissa figueroa michelle28 myonlysweetie nessa's302 Nyasia phillys best planchero Quelinda_Melinda Rafael RioLopez Rookie Sexyangel329 SuzyD vip247 yburgos7
  13. Sexyangel329

    Tuesday Morning

    Happy Tuesday morning or not whatever you choose I got no sleep thanks to my son this whole situation has got me even more sleepless then before today I go to the Library I put in a good workout last night go me go me lol :)
  14. B

    Tuesday Night Where Is Everybody Else Shoutout

    Heres a TUESDAY NIGHTSHOUTOUT to All CF"R online now BUTT WHERE IS EVERYBODY ELSE !!! Angel Moreno, ChuckD, DJLARRYVEE, freestyleboriqua, JOEDOCPA, Liz_Torres, melissa figueroa
  15. ChuckD

    Tuesday Afternoon shout outs....

    Here is a shout out to everyone online now!!!! 3000GT Capricorn1 CHanEL_GLaMouR_GiRL Chris-TheNuk Dianita DJ Soul DjCaliente Estenze FREESTYLEFRANKIE Hajas hitman6749 NYC'sfinnest oppositeme PAPI SEDUCTIVE NENA Sexyangel329 yburgos7
  16. ChuckD

    Tuesday morning shoutouts!!!

    Holla to everyone online rigth now!!!! ayna BabyBeTTYBooP caiosoccer cArLiToS WaY HennyLuv159 Itala La Mas Grande michelle28 MyOnlySweetie nessa's302 NYC'sfinnest PAPI QuEeNsGuRL24
  17. ChuckD

    Happy Tuesday CF!!!!

    Hope everyone is having a great day!!!!
  18. ChuckD

    Tuesday night ShoutOuts!!!!

    Holla everyone!!! I missed you all while I was away!!!!!! It is good to be back! Holla to everyone online right now!!!! Ashley CARAMELO ClubHeadinNJ Dianita DON_OMAR DreamGirl Edalgiere homerjay Krystal La Mas Grande mike4949 SuzyD tanktruck yburgos7
  19. Edalgiere

    tuesday morning shout outs

    hey u how we be on clubfreestyle Brklyn345, BXCookie, Dianita, mike4949, nessa's302, QuEeNsGuRL24, rbonuc29, TOURBOSS and of course those with cloaking devices he he he
  20. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~Good Tuesday~*~

    :wave Everybody! It's Tuesday! Let's get going! Another hot day ahead of us. :D 3 more days and the weekend is here once again. Hope you all have a good day! :heee