1. B

    The Truth About Foreign Lovers

    Men around the world are like fine wines...but even a great Chianti can make you a bit tizzy the next morning, and despite all of thier outward attributes, they have some flaws in the bedroom. ITALY Myth The great Italian lover--suave, sophisticated, smooth. He worships you and is at your...
  2. M

    Truth: Free Download

    Truth aigth my badd listen i will be sending sum dowwnloads soon I hav eto figure out how to download them once I do everyone will get a chance to jamm fo sure, sorry about that
  3. I

    speaking our mind (the truth version)

    the cops are mad 'cause we got us a piece but doesn't our slogan promote increasing guns up in the street cops are now fearing they life because we got us a gun but i only got mines 'cause they got them one it's called reality son...Stop! 21 gun salutes to these motherf*ckers using them same...
  4. Lamatrix

    The Truth Shall Set You Free

    Told you the truth to set you free you still question my motives are you that blind that you can't see what you thought you had was a lie when embraced with false love do you smell my scent? Traces of that true divine love one you so desperatly long to have I got what I wanted I came. I saw. I...
  5. aim4night

    do you tell your friend the truth??

    if you think he or she is falling for a person who is not being honest and playing games.:splat
  6. CoOl_AL_FrM_qNs

    straight forward truth

    for all ya single ppl out there whos searchin for love if u the type that tells it like it is like me that u dont hold back on no one :biggrin do u think its gonna put ur lovelife on hold? that ppl just be too intimidated by what u say to them that probably they dont wanna deal with someone like...
  7. aim4night

    Truth or Dare??game

    We'd love to have you join the game! I'll get ya started! Truth or Dare??
  8. J

    Shit Talkin, Shit Talkers and then there is the Truth

    What's up CF Troopers, Ever since I started ClubFreestyle, I have had people try to bring me down. When CF became the Worlds #1 Freestyle Site, I had even more people trying to bring me and CF down. Some people are very envious. Some people do not want CF to succeed. Many times these people...
  9. mzcrazybtch

    Blinded by the Truth

    I gave you my heart I gave you my trust Yet it appears to me That I was never enough You left a box of evidence Even some of your clothes Who would've thought you were seeing her How long did I have my eyes closed? How could you steal from me? How could you sit and lie? I thought you had made a...
  10. FantasyGerl

    I know the whole truth

    At school, a boy was told by a classmate that most adults are hiding at least one dark secret, and that this makes it very easy to blackmail them by saying, "I know the whole truth". The boy decides to go home and try it out. He goes home, and as he is greeted by his mother he says, "I know...
  11. F

    Breaking Rumor, Possibly False Info, Any Truth 2 What A Lil' Birdie Just Told Me???

    i think it would be an awesome some if they combined my opinion only LATIN NATION / NU-IMAGE holla
  12. Crystal2001

    Truth about Meg....

    Its funny how I took a shower, smelling all nice, but then, I smell someone else...MEG!!!! Shes the one that has been stinking up the place!!!!:p