1. J

    Looking for tracks by Manny Stylez

    Hi I'm looking for the tracks: Manny - Be My Lady Manny - Dark Side Manny Featuring Negro & Strategy - Must Be The Music Does anyone know where I can find them? Thanks!
  2. D

    Spring into some new hot tracks

    TWO NEW HOT TRACKS “You Never Said You Loved Me” by Stefanie & “Mastermind” by Omega III “You Never Said You Loved Me” by Stefanie is the debut single from this new and exciting Amathus Music recording artist. Stefanie's vocals and music modestly weave a tapestry of melodic euro flavor layered...
  3. spanishfly053177

    L@@KING FOR these two tracks

    Edmond "Come back to me" David "Your Love"
  4. C

    Hot new TIFFANY tracks!!!

    I know Tiffany is not Freestyle, but you guys have to hear her new material she is putting out soon! Yes, Tiffany from the 80s! Very impressed with her new dance tracks. Below is a link to her website that has samples of her songs. She is coming out with a new cd, check it out!!! :face...
  5. L

    Some tracks for you to hear!

    Hey, I just wanted to let you all know that I just setup my artist page for myspace and I have 4 tracks up to check out. I'm still working on getting more info up on the page, but at least there are some of my more recent tracks to hear. Lemme know what you think of them. I know its been some...
  6. T

    Labeling bpms om tracks.

    Ok Dj's Years ago when I was learning to count bpms on records, I would label the records with the bpms so I can save some time when I was beatmatching.. It really didn't help when I had to throw in a request Lately I have been thinking of doing this again with my cds.. even...
  7. E

    Check Out These New Tracks!!

    Hey Everyone, After Hibernating for awhile, I decided to start supporting the scene again. I would love to know your feedback on these tracks that were produced here in Toronto and sung by three of my students, Amelia, Anjay & Laura.
  8. D

    looking for these tracks willing to buy them 2

    Manny-Beautiful Lady Remis & Trein -Why You Play Me Lately- Manny Tell Me Why - Javian Angel
  9. H

    Listen Now! Exclusive tracks by Voice in Fashion, T42 & more!

    Synthphony REMIXed! vol.2 01. Virtual Server "Why (Would I) [Hajas 2K4 RMX]" 02. Droom "Blood Culture [Hajas Arena Mix]" 03. Real Life "Painless [Hajas 5T4T3 RMX]" 04. Opium "Faked Emotions [Hajas Vladivostok Mix]" 05. Tristraum "I'm Under No One [Hajas SWOS Mix]" 06. New Concept...
  10. J

    Slammin' Sam tracks

    Hey, does anyone have the tracklisting of all of Slammin' Sam's cds? Thanks. And what's he doing now anyways? Thanks.
  11. tanktruck

    Ghosts Of CHildren Helping Vehicles Off The Tracks.

    Ghosts of Schoolbus Accident Push Vehicles off Tracks: Just south of San Antonio, Texas, there is an intersection of roadway and railroad track that has become very famous in the paranormal and...
  12. B

    Gewn Stefani's new CD has 2 Freestyle sounding tracks

    Gewn Stefani's new CD is HOT! Two tracks have a freestlye beat (4 real -4 real) check out: track 8: Crash track 10: Serious I'm sure most of you will agree Later Bang
  13. L

    tracks of this cd

    Im looking for the track list of this cd "FREESTYLE the revange"
  14. Krystal

    One of the hottest freestyle tracks in ages!

    No Linking! And this had nothing to do with TOP 10! I know why I missed this...I was without a puter...ummmmmmm Chuck? You got some splainin to do! :lol
  15. M

    Favorite Dance Tracks

    What club tracks you guys are feeling: My list; Etro Anime-Summer Rain Luomo-Talk in a Dream Solitare-I Like To Love Andrian-beautiful Things The Crystal Method- Born Too Slow Bucci bag-Move Lemonade Rachel Penay-I still Want You(A DC girl :yeey ) Peaches-Shake Yer Dix Louie Vega/The...
  16. E

    One of the hottest freestyle tracks in ages!

    Check out this awsome track "hold me now" It's the only freestyle track on the album (kind of dissapointing) but it kicks ass
  17. ChuckD

    Clubfreestyle Top 10 Freestyle Tracks February 2004

    Ok peeps, let's start posting our picks for Feb. Please do myself, and Krystal a favor. When you post your picks, post them with the ARTIST NAME FIRST, and the song second. It makes it easier for Krystal to tally the songs at the end of the month, and for me at the end of the year. 10...
  18. sietzsounds seeks dance tracks

    hey guys I'm doing A&R for a brand new online dance site called I'm looking for some really good dance tracks of all types...... and one of the first things I set up there was a freestyle subgenre!!!!!! If u have any songs for me to check out & consider adding...
  19. FreestyleJen_86

    Your Fave Sweet Sensation Tracks

    Which are your faves? Mine are: *Hooked on you (remix edit) *Take it while it's Hot *Victim of Love *If Wishes came true *Pleasure & Pain *Heartbreak *One Good Man *He'll Never Know *Love Child I like all their songs, actually, but these songs I can listen to again and again.
  20. F

    Mix Cd - 35 Tracks