1. Kenny Guido

    Freestyle Legends II Tour Silver Spurs Arena Orlando/Kissimmee, Florida

    Freestyle Legends II Tour Silver Spurs Arena Orlando/Kissimmee, Florida
  2. Kenny Guido

    Freestyle Legends Tour 2010 In Kissimmee Fl Pixxxxxx!!

    Freestyle Legends Tour 2010 In Kissimmee Fl Pixxxxxx!!
  3. T

    New Stevie B. tour dates!!!

    Stevie B. will be performing live at the following locations: Friday November 11,2005 The Docks Entertainment Complex Toronto Canada Saturday November 19,2005 Freestyle Explosion Tour Palm Springs Convention Center Palm Springs...
  4. T

    Stevie B. Tour dates

    Come and see Stevie B. live at the following venues: Friday November 11,2005 Toronto Canada The Docks Entertainment Complex Saturday November 19,2005 Freestyle Explosion Tour Palm Springs Convention Center Palm Springs California Stevie B The...
  5. I

    Global Dance Tour 2005 @ Club108- Emjay,La Bouche,Le click,Joee,VLA

    whos going? The Global Dance Tour 2005 - @ CLUB 108, WEDNESDAY AUGUST 31st CANADA - Mississuaga (near Toronto). Get ready to witness some of the biggest wayback classic eurodance artist's performing live in concert Featuring 5 Performances. Performing Live classic eurodance artist "'EMJAY'...
  6. T

    Covergirls@ Freestlye Explosion Tour

    Check out Evelyn,Lorraine, and Sabrina looking lovely as ever! Catch them live on the Freestyle Explosion Tour!!! Pic#1-- The Girls kicking off the show performing "Wishing on a Star" Pic#2-- The Girls and me (Tourboss) backstage on the tour Pic#3-- Evelyn looking lovely as ever!!!!!!!

    anger manament tour 3

    what a great show lastnite i went to the anger manament tour 3 to see Eminem 50 cent g unit Tony yaho lil Jon and the east side boys mob deep d 12 it was a great show 50 and em put on the best show . i did not like it at the end of young bucks show before he left the...
  8. T

    Freestyle Explosion Tour Hits Phoenix!!!

    Freestyle fans in Arizona get ready.. The Freestyle Explosion Tour will be rolling into the America West Arena on Friday June 10,2005!! Starring: Stevie B. !!!!!!! Lisa Lisa The Cover Girls Debbie Deb Shannon Gioia (former lead singer of EXPOSE) Cynthia Sugar Hill Gang David Torres...
  9. D

    Larry Vee Going On Tour In The Sunny state Fl With Manny setting Up Show Dates

    What Uuuuup every one We Need You help !!!!! We Are Going Florida May 5 Tru 11 We Are Looking To Do some promo show With Manny Up there. If Anyone Could Hook Us Up with Some Clubs Let me Know ASAP. Name Of Club There Phone # who I could reach and The locations. This To promote Manny New Album...
  10. ChuckD

    Madonna going out on tour again.

    Don't know if anyone else heard this, but Madonna is auditioning dancers for a tour this summer. Tentative title is "The Whore of Bablyon" tour.
  11. cArLiToS WaY

    Freestyle Rush Tour 2003- It's About Time.

    I just wanted to shine the spotlight on Joe ManFredi & Co. for gathering seven Dance artist's and taking them on a nation-wide tour. Stevie B, Coro, TKA, K-7, Lisa Lisa, Rob Base, and George Lamond are touring in several states and performing in some of the hottest venues across the country for...
  12. cArLiToS WaY

    Nationwide Freestyle Tour

    I can't believe that no one has picked up on this yet. We have our Hip-Hop tours, our Latin/Salsa tours, but yet, there haven't been any Freestyle tours. Gather up ten acts, promote the hell out of them, and play from coast to coast, city to city. Rather than have 23 concerts in the same...
  13. P

    Latino dance music star Rachael Lampa's shoutfest music carnival tour!

    Shoutfest Official Site: ShoutFEST is a one day traveling festival that provides you with everything you could want - AND MORE! WE provide 7 great artists, games, and food - you provide the volunteers! ShoutFEST is a great alternative to the...
  14. victorvega

    Back from Puerto Rico Promotional Tour

    We are back from the promotional / Vacation tour in Puerto Rico where we got our music on the radio and radio interviews. Yes Fernanda's new Spanish single is playing in the radio in Puerto Rico. Check out some of the pics. More to be posted
  15. L

    National Talent Tour

    People want to know why Stylin' Free / Metropolitan doesn't release any new artist. Well the reason is the product we receive just isn't happening! I still get an average of about 12-25 demos a day. I've actually gotten to the point where I don't even listen to much of it. If the package is...
  16. F

    (to Artists) NATIOANL TOUR

    Have you ever thought of getting all the Top Names Together Adding a few Good New Artist To Open and some Sponsors for a National Tour? Im sure you can Fill the bigger clubs and Arenas that way. I show sort of like the one at EXIT but going from scheduled City to City. Basically a The ones...
  17. Company B

    LADIES of the 80's TOUR!! Safire, Gioia, Pretty Poison

    There's gonna be a new tour called: "LADIES OF THE 80's TOUR" Featuring: GIOIA (of Expose') -singing the hits! SAFIRE JADE STERLING (Pretty Poison) & More to be announced!!!! ALSO, This just in from the "Gioia" website: She has been seen hanging with 2 "diva" pals, (no NOT Jeanette & Ann...
  18. M

    Dream Freestyle Tour

    If you could put together a Freestyle Tour of your DREAMS who would you have on it. They have to be old school and new school artist. My Concert would be called FREESTYLE FEVER The artist on the tour would be: TKA SK8 NAYA Safire Buffy Noel Stevie B Adrianna Covergirls(the Angel years)...