1. T

    Freestyle in Toronto

    hey what's happening everyone Toronto_Gino here! i was just wondering how is Freestyle doing in the U.S. cause down here in Canada it seems as though it has died out completly. we use to have a freestyle show on Z103.5 and they stoped doing the show about 2 or 3 years ago, and clubs...
  2. D

    Are Big Freestyle Artists going to ever come to Toronto again?

    I just wanted to see if anyone has heard anything or has ever seen someone like Timmy T. in Toronto or even George Lamond... Im just curious because almost five years ago Toronto had some huge freestyle concerts and these artists never did perform... Im just curious to see why that is....
  3. Vinss-T

    Air france jet crashes in Toronto an air france jet skidded off the runway during a thunderstorm (it's been raining REALLY hard) and burst into flames, perhaps 200 on board. i dont kno much of the details but holy crap i hope...
  4. F

    What happen to Freestyle in CANADA (toronto)

    I sure miss those Canadian freestyle compilation and artist that use to release alot back in the 90's what happen to freestyle it's dead.. as much as I love this music, freestyle is fading away in toronto.. How can we bring back freestyle in toronto... ?? any...
  5. F

    Feva Fridays @ Plazma Toronto

  6. T

    Full Force Fridays @ Allianz Den Toronto

    Toronto get ready for the biggest Friday night party in Toronto! On Friday February 11,2005 Allianz Den Nightclub brings to you FULL FORCE FRIDAYS every Friday night inside Allianz Den Nightclub located at 501 Alliance Avenue Jane Street North of St.Clair. Doors open @ 10pm>6am Come and...
  7. T

    Hypnotiq Saturdays @ Allianz Den Toronto

    Hypnotiq Saturdays an After Hour exclusive every Saturday night inside Allianz Den Nightclub located at 501 Alliance Avenue north of Jane & St.Clair. Doors open @ 10PM-6AM! There is a $15 cover all night Guestlist- or 647-891-2488 OVER 60,000 sq.ft...
  8. S

    Buying Freestyle In Toronto

    Hello, I´ll be coming over the long way from Europe this weekend. Now I wanna know if there´s any store/person over there selling some RARE cd´s and/or vinyl records??? Please help me out! Thanx! Dan
  9. U

    All Ages Mayhem Inside Pulse Toronto

    Urban-Traxx-Entertainment presents....Meltdown Fridays on Friday November 5,2004 @ Pulse Nightclub- 338 Adeliade St West @ Peter. THIS IS AN ALL AGES EVENT 2 FLOORS/VIP AREA/SMOKING PATIO/CHEAP DRINKS/GO GO DANCERS/OVER 500 PEOPLE EXPECTED THIS FRIDAY! Doors open @ 9pm, $5 cover before...
  10. E

    Lil Suzy Live At Palazzo Night Club, Toronto, Canada

    LIL Suzy Live At Palazzo Night Club For Those Of You Who Are 19+ And Want To See The Queen Of Freestyle Perform, Check Out Lil Suzy Live At Palazzo Night Club Saturday September 25th!! :cparty
  11. B

    is there strictly freestyle nights in toronto clubs

    just wondering as i dont club anymore, havent for eons, is there freestyle nights anywhere in the city. my cousin said there was one, i forget name but had "freestyle" in it, but said it was mostly euro with minimal freestyle. just curious
  12. B

    rockell performance electric circus toronto and other tv appearances

    this popped in my head today while i was recording rockell for an mp3 disc; anybody remember when she was on electric circus in toronto promoting i fell in love and performed it. anybody got it and could one get it? (is video media available for download?) what other freestyle artists have made...
  13. *Sophia*

    Movie Theatre Collapse In Toronto??

    I just saw over the AP news wire that a historic movie theatre collapsed in Toronto.. Even though it was in the process of being torn down, it collapsed trapping 5 people at least.. There was an elementary school nearby as well.. Anybody in Toronto know?
  14. T

    Return of Planet freestyle (new toronto freestyle CD)

    I just picked up, a few days ago, the new CD "The Return of Planet Freestyle" featuring 18 new tracks produced by Chris Phillips. This is some of the best new-school that has been released in the past few years. You can hear some samples and inquire about ordering a copy at...
  15. SONYA

    Calling All Toronto Area CF Peeps!!!!

    How Bout It!!!! ok well this past week its been brought up that we should meet up for a coffee or something well how bout it alot of people have shown interest and portugino said that its been mentioned in the past but nothings ever come out of yeah the americans are forever meeting up...
  16. T

    toronto this week

    hey all! i'll be in Toronto in a couple days.. whats going on this weekend in the club scene? let me know.. peace out
  17. M

    Congrats to The Toronto Raptors

    You guys just defeated the Cleveland Cavs to clinch a playoff spot!!! The wierd thing, you guys went Vinceless!!LOL
  18. M

    Toronto Raptors

    I can't believe it. They might make the playoffs this year. I know Dr Funk/Vince Carter ain't too happy. They seem to be winning without him. That say's something about Vince. His team mates hate the shit out of him. But go for it Raptors.
  19. SPYBOY

    New Club In Downtown Toronto

    Haven't been on in a few days kiddies, Spyboy's been roaming the Streets of T.O as usual. Anyhow I was downtown yesterday and came across a new club being built on Mercer St, (1 block south of King and Duncan). The place is gonna be called "Schmooze" from what the temporary cardboard sign...