1. Kenny Guido

    Freestyle File Radio TODAY 4/25/09 @ 7:45- w/ DJ Paradise & Nyasia LIVE with Miguel R

    Freestyle File Radio TODAY 4/25/09 @ 7:45- w/ DJ Paradise & Nyasia LIVE with Miguel R Freestyle File Radio TODAY 4/25/09 @ 7:45- w/ DJ Paradise & Nyasia LIVE with Miguel R
  2. eldjdelcaribe

    Live DJs in the mix Marathon today all day 6Am til 3AM!

    This Saturday - Starting at 6AM 24 Hours - All LIVE! All times are in CST (central time zone) * 6:00am - 8:00am CRash * 8:00am - 10:00am DJ Leo * 10:00am - 12:00pm DJ Zita Zie * 12:00pm - 2:00pm DJ Angel * 2:00pm - 4:00pm DJ Boogie Bhang * 4:00pm - 6:00pm DJ Wil...
  3. O

    New Freestyle Community - Join Today

    I just happen to run into it today and wanted to share. Pretty Cool.......
  4. Kenny Guido

    Party 105 Dj Impact W/special Guest Today!

  5. La Mas Grande

    Emotional Today

    On an emotional high with too many tears to wipe aside My impatient heart cries as I put on a big, bright smile The irrelevance of me is too painful to conceive yet day after day the truth is on display. My creativity seems to have gone hence this poem gone wrong The qualities that I've love...
  6. M

    safire & cynthia on ktu today!

    can you stand the rain was played on ktu today and i missed it!! damn, damn, damn!! haven't heard that one in a long azz time
  7. P

    XBOX360 final countdown TODAY

    Tonight @ midnight the XBOX-360 is coming out. I'm going to the mall for MIDNIGHT MADNESS to pick up mines.. I got 2 of them coming to me :). I'm taking pics of it..I'll post them here to show ya'll how many ppl is gonna be there. I'm out .. peace ya'll
  8. DJ Dee X-Man

    Join the X Men of Freestyle today

    JK! What's up everyone? PLEASE come and join me @ and show the world where you are playing FREESTYLE from. Don't hate, POPULATE!! DJ Dee X-Man :welcome
  9. latinfreestyle21

    I am 20 years old Today

    Damn I am Finally 20 Years Old WOw Its guys by fast after this
  10. Dianita

    I think today I'll build an ark!

    OMG, what's the deal with all this rain??? This is too much now!! This rainy forecast for the northeast has now been extended through Sunday. Things are already flooding here on eastern LI. This all reminds me of this horrible dream I had last week that most of LI was under water, and everybody...
  11. E

    Today's Daily horoscope thread

    September 15th Thursday 2005 ARIES (March 21 - April 19) You have a dream, so follow it through -- all the way. The stars are especially useful when it comes to long-range plans and big visions, so go ahead and shoot for the sky while you draw up your plans. TAURUS (April 20 - May...
  12. imfromqueenz

    My baby started 4th grade today

    he just finally got back from miami last night.....we didnt even get to spend anytime together because i had to get him to bed.....i took him out to breakfast this morning and then off to school......oh my goodness....i cant believe how time flies sooo fast.....i remember walkin him thru the...
  13. legit

    Shout Out To The Group Hang Out Today

    I Had A Great Time Today. Naya My Homie, Paradise Hot Ass Edits U Show Me. Hitman And His Wife Vannesa, Heatbrake And Son, My Family Nick, Gia, There Baby, And Joe. We Had Some Food Then Went To Play Min Golf And Batting Cages. We Have A Great Time, I Think We Ready 4 The 17th, This Time Naya...
  14. E

    Oh man today a squirrel got lucky!

    Right now I just screamed out my window! :eek: Oh my goodness a squirrel crossed the street with a big van coming its way and barely got squashed! Oh my god that squirrel got balls!
  15. Sexyangel329


    Is a good day thank God lol I am breathign easy no stressing today and it feels good as I was telling nessa I went to the Library yesterday and I was happy i did I got some studying done and today I will eb going again after work. Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been there for...
  16. CandyLandGirl

    Record / CD Shopping today

    Look what I got ! All for about $200 45's (the little records) 1. Shake Your Thang - Salt N Pepa (w/ PS) 2. Promise Me - Cover Girls (w/ PS) 3. State of Shock - Michael Jackson & Mick Jagger (w/ PS) 4. Torture - Jacksons (w/ PS) 5. Can You Feel it - The Fat Boys 6. (You Gotta) Fight For...
  17. B

    Stevie B was on TV today! + Freestyle Explosion

    He was on TV on Channel 31's highly watched morning show "Good Day Sacramento" here in Sac. I caught it when he was alreay on, and I guess from what the anchors said he had just performed a song on TV a few minutes before I turned it on. He's performing in Sacramento tonight at the Freestyle...
  18. Caleb-B

    Get The Caleb-B CD Today.

    This is not for Pre-Order. The Cd's Have arrived and are ready to ship out. You Can get Your Copy at I would like to say thank you to all the CF members who support my music and are still fighting for a "FREESTYLE TAKE OVER"
  19. crazygirl

    one month from today............

    i'm on a plane and heading to Colombia to be with my baby... i can't wait to see him i'm so happy... everything is set over there.. and it will be great one month in Colombia just me and my hubby to be.. wow i can't believe that. crazygirl and her hubby :dancingb :1luv
  20. Vinss-T

    Where's the planetfreestyle talent search winners today

    was taking a listen to my planetfreestyle cd again just now & actually listened to the remus & traian track in whole for the first time - it's a lot cooler than i thought originally (LOL @ the beatboxing) ok anyway what's happened to linda furtado & remus & traian? are they just one-hit...