1. imfromqueenz

    Super Big Shoutout to Everyone at the show last night

    Its was definitely a big pleasure meeting ya'll.....I had such a great did my guys are really great..... shout out to all my new peeps: :hithere Chuck Bklyn345 LaBettyBoop Nyasia DJ Paradise RioLopez Sietzsounds Edalgiere Pure Trend (ur girl is such a sweetheart)...
  2. Sexyangel329

    Super DOme

    I was just reading the Superdome is leaking rain. I hope everyone gets through this so mnay natural disasters its crazy
  3. R

    China not emerging super power huh ?

    CNOOC offered $18.5 billion in cash last week to acquire the U.S.-based Unocal a richer bid than the $16-billion plus cash and stock offer it already has accepted from Chevron Corp. Chevron is pushing for an August vote on its offer. Separately, CNOOC reiterated Monday its commitment to not...
  4. M

    Real World Road Rules The Inferno II: Brad leaves with Super Wedgie!!!

    Last night The Miz and Brad faced off. Miz gave Brad a super Wedgie, Brad called Miz a super Meathead. Their mission was to drag race. Tonya did good, The trouble 3 Tina, the sexy love couple Rachel and Veronica said they had to pertend to congradulate Tonya so she won't bring no drama. HOW...
  5. M

    My Super Sweet 16 getting dissed

    MTV's My Super sweet 16 is not getting good reviews. mainly from MTV Message Boards and some radio morning shows. The big hate of the show is how it seem to be a tribute to Spoild rich kids having their parents throw out their big money on over glam Sweet 16 parties. There is lots of hate about...
  6. M

    The Super Bowl. Pats over Eagles

    Well, the Pats have three Super Bowl titles. Of course all of ESPN is saying they the next 1970's Steelers, they say Bellichek is the next Bill Walsh and Tom brady is the next Joe Montana.. The Pats were good, but they are not all that! The Eagles lost that game, not The Pats winning. The Eagles...
  7. M

    Best Super Bowl Commercials

    This years commercials was good, but tamed compared to last years. here is what I think was the best. 1. Diet Pepsi. P Diddy arrives in pepsi truck. Everybody gets their Pepsi trucks Pimped. 2. Ameriquest. Wife thinks Husband cuts Cat. 3. Go, with the woman having her shirt nearly...
  8. R

    Super bowl Half Time

    So how about that sorry ass Halftime show? This is what happens when Liberals who have no clue what the channel changing button looks like and blames television for all roots of Evil. And because of it, we are forced to watch what they feel we should watch. Give me a Freakin break.
  9. M

    Super Bowl in Jacksonville

    I'm going to say that the Jacksonville, Fla selection of the Super Bowl is the worst ever. Why would you put a big event in a city that has to dock Cruise Ships as hotels. Jacksonville is too small of a town to have a Super Bowl, even worst, Have a pro team!! The downtown a two blocks long. As I...
  10. M

    Super Sweet 16

    MTV now has this show after The Real World called Super Sweet 16. It documents girls preparing for their outragous Sweet 16 parties. This week was a girl who was scared of the results of her party because her mom likes to get drunk and flirts with her 15, 16 year old male friends. It's so...

    super bowl here we come :)

    for the ones who said the eagles would not make it were are u now ? the eagles are going to the super bowl we will be the champs in 2 weeks the eagles are back on the map .
  12. M

    Eagles Fly To The Super Bowl

    27-10 Eagles!!!!!! Where you at Philly?
  13. D.J. Paradise

    Shout & Thanx for tuning in 4/10 Radio Show. Chat was super packed tonight !!!!

    Hey, had a GREAT time tonight and was blessed by Safire and producer hubby, Kenny Diaz. Thanx for stopping in. The chat was super packed tonight, so, Special shout to: Nyasia SantanaTwins Kenny Diaz Evelyn324 Safire BennyBlanxXx bigrob Bxfreestyle4life Charlie clubfossie Colorado...
  14. tanktruck

    McDonalds Super Size Me Please

    McDonalds has stopped offering super sizing in some areas of the country. They say it is to help cut down on obsity. WTF are you thinking McDee's....I like super size. tank
  15. M

    Pro Bowl Halftime Show changed thanks to Super Bowl

    Yesterday, it was announced by NFL Comm. Paul Taligbule announced that JC Chazez(the other pretty boy of N SUCK) was told not to perform during Halftime of The Pro Bowl. It's obious that JC's N'Suck buddy Justin is the reason for the move. Instead there will be Hawaiian Hula dancers during...
  16. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~Super Bowl Commercial~*~

    Hey did everybody see the super bowl commercial with Beyonce', Britney Spears, Pink and Enrique Iglesias for Pepsi? They spend 2 million dollars just to make that commercial. :smirk
  17. M

    Who will win Super Bowl 38 This Sunday

    Who is your pick this Sunday
  18. M

    Bostonians: Thoughts on Super Bowl and NE Patriots

    The Pats might win their second Super Bowl. We know what a big sports town Boston is, but we all know that The Sox rule Boston. For 40 years, the Pats has always been #4 behind The Bruins. If The Pats win a second Super Bowl, will Bostonians start caring more about them and even lift them over...

    super bowl joke.

    who do you call 60 guys watchin the super bowl ? the eagles .
  20. E

    Super Bowl

    Who is gonna watch the Sueprbowl and have a big get together for it??????