1. V

    I will bring freestyle strong again to dallas texas!!!!

    Hi everyone! I go by the name Veterano .. for those who live in the Dallas area, they might recognize me as I am the MAN who has made reggaeton music still LIVE in Dallas. With my website, I do a weekly show with video on saturdays promoting reggaeton, but I...
  2. D

    Dj Hightech Is Coming Back Strong!

    Whats Up Whats Up My Freestyle Familia I Have Been Quiet Way To Long The Founding Father Of The Freestyle File Is Back! I Am Working On Something Really Big That Will Blow Your Socks Off. So Much That You Will Forget About Any Of The Other Shows I Am Currently In Talks With Some Of The Biggest...
  3. Heavenly

    Are You Strong Enough To Be My Man

    People always seem to ask What do you look for in a man? I think they expect this long task But seriously its quite simple and easy to understand Let me start by saying he doesn’t need to be a Sex God Nor does he have to be sexy and tall But in his own right he’s got to be a Stud Especially...
  4. sexyredrose

    strong woman

    never let them see you cry for you will be labled' as soft never let them see your true colors' for they will use you and abuse you never ever let your guard down for it will be your down fall be strong hold on to what your mama gave you pride and respect respect your self enought to take...
  5. tanktruck

    3000 And Going Strong!!!

    Well, this is my 3000 post. I want to thank all my fellow CFers and Mods for interesting and at times funny posts. Let's not for those drama ones that got everyone's chonies wet. lol:bubbles
  6. musiclady2424

    you know who you r carry on and be strong .by me musiclady2424

    without him you'll survive ' without him you will strive' without him you will not cry'without him you will stay a live. no more lies nomore long night crying' no more big fights no more worrying ' worry about him' worryin about who he is with'or is he alright' or is he coming home tonight'...
  7. Kenny Guido


    It's coming...........
  8. LaBettyBoop

    ~Weak, Strong, Negative, Positive~

    We have all been through something devastating in our lifetime. When overcoming your devastation, do you consider yourself to be the strong type where you can pick up where you left from? Or are you a weak person where your whole world just comes to an end? Are you a negative person or a...
  9. E

    How strong is love?

    You can have the money, you can have the cars. You can have the fame, the glory...but if you don't have love you don't have anything. Isn't that crazy? The power of love. Everything that is in matter that comes from this Earth does not fill that empty void that one carries within when they are...
  10. Kenny Guido


    Well, MRS GWEDOKING, DJ JIGGLY, FREE-JACK, ANTHONY A, his wife & me all went to MIRAGE last night. Let me tell you....we had a blast! As we entered, I immediately was spotted by SCOTMAN (Alisha's manger) as we entered the door. Here was a quik rundown: Alisha jumped on stage (LITERALLY!) AT...
  11. Kenny Guido

    Who's going to see ALISHA on STRONG ISLAND tonight????

    Ok, who's joing the STRONG ISLAND POSSE to go see ALISHA at MIRAGE in Westbury?
  12. Kenny Guido

    Kenny Guido and the Strong Island posse @ Beatstock

    We had a great time!! gotta give thanks first: NELSON "FFWD" CRUZ.....Set your clock back a few hours so we have time! SMOOTH RYTHEM: THANKS for getting me past the JONES BEACH catacombs! FREE JACK & DJ paisons for life!! ANgelo Venutto......your always welcome in our group...
  13. E

    A strong message from Fabio to the CF ladies

    We are presented to each other near the moonlight Everything feels so right and perfect I put my hand on the cheek I put my hand on the other And sink you in And I don't sink out Yes we are attached in love...forever. -Fabio
  14. Kenny Guido

    Cynthia on STRONG ISLAND!!!!!!!

    Come catch FREESTYLE DIVA "CYNTHIA" at ZACHARY'S on Long Island this Friday, January 31st as she performs some of freestyle greatest hits such as "CHANGE ON ME", "ENDLESS NIGHTS" and many, many more!! Dress to impress. 30 and over.
  15. Kenny Guido

    Beatstock Strong Island!!!

    I know its not fair that i beat everyone home from the show. I kind of like not having to drive more than 3 miles for a great freestyle show! First off, BIG PROPS go to LATIF & ANGEL for hooking me up with the tickets (NELSON FFWD CRUZ also for trying) extra special thanks to THE MAD STUNTMAN...
  16. Kenny Guido

    TKA on Strong Island!!!

    TKA will be performing at BLU on Long Island on July 3rd!
  17. R

    Strong Island Freestyle, VOL. 2

    I see that VOL. 2 it is available through The Strong Island Records Website When does it hit stores???
  18. C

    be strong

    you must proceed sometimes love wasn't to be with you or me so let it be and see life is more the l o v e ahhh...don't believe me i'm just rhyming meaninglessly but hear me out even though you're alone you have soo much to live for you have the sky to look upon to wonder and dream on you have...
  19. Kenny Guido

    Strong Island Volume 2......

    I just got back from STRONG ISLAND STUDIOS and BOBBY "LA" LASERRA personally gave me a copy hot off the press. The album is done and I have yet to listen to it but here is the track listing: 1. ROME0- "EVERY NIGHT ALONE" 2. MICHELLE LEE-"WILL YOU EVER LOVE ME" 3. 8TH ANGEL-"A FIRE WITHIN" 4...
  20. Kenny Guido


    Catch SOAVE singing his hits at WALL STREET night club in HAUPPAUGE on Long Island on November 9th! check the calender for furthur details.