1. A

    Eyes of a Stranger Edit

    I recently had to re-format my hard drive and I thought all my mp3s were backed up, but I seem to have lost Safire's Eyes of a Stranger edit??? Anyone willing to share? Thanks.
  2. Heavenly

    Beautiful Stranger

    I know of a beautiful stranger Oh how I would love to know him But got to keep my heart from danger And drown all my feelings within His eyes I can see and his lips I wish to kiss His smell is incense burning His touch is silken yet can this be endless bliss I feel my stomach turning He's...
  3. Crystal2001


    Im looking in a mirror, And what do I see? A stranger looking back, This person isnt me. All I see is sadness, All I see is pain, A young girl looking lost, About to go insane. Im a happy little girl, Why do I have a frown? My world was put together, Now its tumbling down. I wished I understood...
  4. D

    Hello from a long time stranger...

    It's been a while since I last posted and I'm stopping by to say "Hello" to you all and hope all is well... I'm doing just great and soon I'll be giving birth to my little one... I've been busy running around but I think of you guys from time to time for I miss Sunday night live chats...
  5. F

    New Singer? Tamia, New Song Stranger in my House-

    Hey Freestylers, Has anyone up there/around the globe heard the Artist named TAMIA? Her song "Stranger in My House" is being played here (in Miami) on the radio station Y-100. Just today Power96 played a VERY SMALL portion on the 5 o'clock mix. You know POWER96, always procrastinators when...