1. tanktruck

    ***come Here & Step Into The Shower. So, I Can Wash Your ____________!!***

    If you had the opportunity to step into the shower with a famous artist. Who would it be. I personally, would take a shower with Vin Diesel!! Lather that piece of man meat up!! Because ya'll know tanks run with diesel fuel!!:whistle
  2. R

    step by step

    yo i heard it saturday night. yo man that song is the bomb. it brings back so many memories. no matter how many times i hear it. id say 1983. step by step slowly i turn step by step come on. this native love is restless and im just not satisfied. there are very few songs that come on...
  3. R

    step by step

    who does these songs cause they are my favorite step by step slowly i turn step by step come one. where could i get all of lymes songs.
  4. sexyredrose

    a big step

    a never ending struggle a never ending force that drives' you to do what you have to do to survive who said life would be easy for those who step on the ones' on the way up but little do you know those you meet on the way up you will see on the way down what gose up must come down easy for...
  5. ChuckD

    Taking the next step.............

    Alrighty..... Everyone knows that I've made 2004 my year in regards to personal improvement. The weight is at a bit of a plateau, so I joined the gym last week as a change to my workout, and to tone up and bulk up. Started weightlifting, and I worked my legs last week, but the nights I was...
  6. L

    Ciara's 1, 2, Step....

    i must say i bugged out when i heard this it's like a kraftwerk/planet rock sound...this takes me back to the 82-84 electro sound. it's sickening....yall gotta check this joint this is something "freestyle" producer needs to listen to and get some wut to u call it "inspiration for a a...
  7. La Mas Grande

    Step 2 Complete

    Well Today I Got My Teeth Bleach And Im So Happy. They Look So Pretty And The Best Thing It Was Done For Free. Im On My Way To A Perfect Smile Just One More Thing On My List And Im Completely Done. A Porcelain Veneer On One Of My Teeth And Guess What It Gonna Cost Me Nothing. Isnt That...
  8. Dave G>

    The step son!

    I've been with my girl for about 2.5 years and she has a son who is 16. We always get along and I've been producing his group since we met. There are alot of times where he is disrespectful to his family amd I told him over and over to not do that. I take it personal because I don't have a...
  9. aim4night

    step in the name of love

    step in the name of love this song by r. kelly is very nice. the 2 times i heard it was a nice end to a very great evening. i just got the song so i can hear it more. gonna play it daily. does anyone else like it??
  10. J

    MEMBERS - Step Up To The Plate For The Freestyle AD Campaign

    MEMBERS - Step Up To The Plate For The Freestyle AD Campaign -Can't Do It Without Your Support. We Just got word in that the UFC - United Freestyle Community is Gathering support for the Freestyle Ad Campaign. Now this is bigger news then you think considering it's an outside Freestyle...
  11. M

    sTeP aSiDe

    the queen has arrived........ remember me?
  12. M

    2 Step and UK Garage could be the answer for successful Freestyle

    I was reading Freestyle Evolutions by K7. brings up a great idea. As you know like freestyle, house, techno is not all that succesful on mainstream radio either. But MJ Cole and Craig David could be the solutions to making freestyle sucessful again. Many freestyle producers need to take a risk...
  13. 1sxychica

    Step Parents

    One of my friends is going through some very hard times right now. Her parents divorced several years back. Her father went to prison and he disowned her as a daughter. Her mother went through some psychological problems caused with stress and lack of support. Anyhow, she got married to a...
  14. D

    Dance Label takes a new step into film

    Hey Guys just giving you the heads up that Detour Records and TVI Records has been working on a film project for the new year. And now we've just placed the new trailer to the film on our website. Goto and hit the trailer button, you will need real player to view it. We are also...